What They’re Saying: “Vice President Biden is All In for Ted Strickland”

DAYTON, OH -- On Monday, Vice President Biden traveled across Ohio stumping for Ted Strickland and blasting Senator Portman.

At a campaign rally in Toledo, Biden called Senator Portman the “architect” of the policies that led to the Great Recession. At a coordinated campaign office, Biden encouraged volunteers to keep helping Ted’s campaign. And at the final rally of the day in Dayton, Biden began his remarks by saying “My name’s Joe Biden and I work for Ted Strickland,” pulling Strickland on stage with him. 

WATCH: Biden Brings Strickland on Stage in Dayton

Here’s what they’re saying:

WKEF-TV Dayton: VP Biden is All In for Ted Strickland

  • Vice President Joe Biden is all in for Ohio’s former governor, Ted Strickland, trying to unseat Republican Rob Portman.

  • “‘This guy’s the best of the best. We have to win the Senate, you’ve got to help Ted.’”

Columbus Dispatch: Biden attacks Portman, says he helped engineer ‘08 economic collapse 

  • “Vice President Joe Biden assailed Republican Sen. Rob Portman Monday,calling him the ‘architect’ of the economic policies that led to the financial collapse of Wall Street in 2008 and the subsequent recession.”

  • “In a campaign appearance in Toledo where he joined Senate Democratic candidate Ted Strickland, Biden said as governor of Ohio from 2007 through the end of 2010, Strickland ‘got this state through a God-awful recession.’”

  • “Speaking at an outdoor rally held on a wind-swept and chilly patio at the Toledo Public Library, said that ‘the irony of ironies’ is as White House budget director and U.S. trade representative under former President George W. Bush, Portman was the ‘architect’ of many of Bush’s economic policies.”

  • “But Biden devoted a good chunk of his speech to delivering sharp criticism of Portman … Pointing out the Detroit ‘automobile industry was flat on its back’  when President Barack Obama took office in 2009, Biden said Strickland and Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio pushed hard for a federal financial rescue of General Motors and Chrysler.”

Toledo Blade: Biden blasts Portman, stumps for Strickland

  • Mr. Biden started his remarks stumping heavily for Democratic Senate candidate Ted Strickland and later turned to blasting Donald Trump.” 

  • The vice president praised him for his help to the automobile industry and blasted Mr. Portman. Mr. Biden said he personally likes Mr. Portman but blasted him as the architect of Bush administration policies that he said started the Great Recession.”

  • ‘For Ted and me, Medicare and Social Security is a sacred trust,’ Mr. Biden said. ‘You want to change somebody's lifestyle .. go out there and reduce their Medicare - that affects how the can live.’” 

Politico: Biden encourages volunteers to work for Strickland

  • “In addition, Biden, who gave a nearly hourlong speech at the campaign office, was joined by Democratic Senate candidate Ted Strickland, who spoke for 10 minutes. The vice president encouraged the volunteers to continue to work, not just for Clinton, but also for Strickland

WNWO-TV Toledo: VP Joe Biden campaigns for Ted Strickland in Toledo

  • “The vice president also campaigned for fellow democrat, former governor Ted Strickland, who is hoping to unseat Ohio senator Rob Portman.

  • “‘Ted is for equal pay for women who are doing the same job as men do,’ says Biden. ‘His opponent voted five times against equal pay and the United States Senate.

  • “‘He's for raising the minimum wage. Ladies and gentlemen nobody in America should work 40 hours a week and live in poverty. Period, period, period, period.’” 

Toledo Blade: Biden and Strickland rally in Toledo

  • “Mr. Biden devoted a sizable chunk of his remarks to urging support for Democrat Ted Strickland for the U.S. Senate and blasting his Republican opponent, incumbent Sen. Rob Portman.”

  • “Mr. Strickland, who was among several speakers before the vice president arrived, called Mr. Trump ‘unfit to be president’ while praising Mrs. Clinton’s plan to make tuition at four-year public colleges and universities ‘debt free,’ calculated based on family income.”

  • “‘Can you imagine the burden that will be taken of the backs of moms and dads? ... If for no other reason, the families of Ohio should embrace Hillary Clinton as our next president,’ Mr. Strickland said.”

Columbus Dispatch: Joe Biden stumps for Strickland

  • “Joe Biden makes a few stops: Vice President Joe Biden did a three-city tour Monday, hitting Cleveland, Toledo and Dayton. While he was here backing Clinton, he also made sure to support Democratic Senate candidate Ted Strickland.”

  • “Biden said Strickland ‘got this state through a God-awful recession,’ and Portman was the ‘architect’ of the financial policies that led to the 2008 collapse on Wall Street.


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