What They’re Saying: Ted Strickland Man of “Honesty, Integrity with Lifetime of Service”

COLUMBUS, OH -- Yesterday in Columbus, Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) campaigned for Ted Strickland at The Ohio State University where he called Strickland a man of “honesty, integrity with a lifetime of service.”  And today, Strickland was endorsed by The Post, the Ohio University student paper. 

Here’s what they’re saying:

Columbus Dispatch: Cory Booker tells Ohio State students to 'fight for this country' 

  • “Booker plugged voting for Strickland, saying he knows the Senate underdog to be a man of ‘honesty, integrity with a lifetime of service.

  • “Strickland emphasized his support for a woman's continued right of access to legal abortion, a need to address climate change and its environmental effects and Clinton's plan for a tuition-free public college education for students from families earning less than $125,000 a year.”

OSU Lantern: Sen. Cory Booker sings Ted Strickland’s praises, ‘Happy Birthday’ to Hillary Clinton

  • “Booker began his speech by saying that Strickland is a public servant for whom he has a tremendous amount of respect and reverence. ‘If you want to know about somebody who has spent their entire life fighting for issues that matter, not just to the wealthy — that really moves me.’” 

  • “Booker criticized the campaign run against Strickland, which has included millions of dollars in television commercials that were funded by groups not from Ohio, notably super PACs.”

The Post: U.S. Senator for Ohio: Ted Strickland 

  • In interviewing Ted Strickland, it became evident he would be the most qualified candidate to tackle those issues that affect many college students: assistance for Ohio students who cannot afford the rising cost of tuition through and aiding those graduates facing student debt.

  • “Strickland addressed combating and preventing sexual assaults on college campuses in an endorsement interview with The Post, which is another issue both relevant and important to students at OU.”

  • “His plans for higher education policy align with Clinton’s as well, and we believe he would continue to represent students’ best interests.


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