What They’re Saying: Strickland Takes His ‘Ohio is Not for Sale’ Message Across the State

COLUMBUS, OH -- This week, Ted Strickland continued his “Ohio is Not for Sale” tour, taking his message of fighting for working families across the state across the state and highlighting how the rich and the powerful are spending millions propping up Senator Portman because they want him in Washington to continue pushing their agenda.

This week, Strickland also released a new Medium post, “Ohio is Not for Sale,” and a new television ad, ”$50 Million” -- highlighting Senator Portman’s record of looking out for his wealthy and well-connected campaign backers at the expense of Ohio’s working families. The Ohio Democratic Party has also released a research memo detailing Portman’s record of looking out for his special interest campaign contributors on issues like trade and retirement security. A summary of previous tour stops is available here and here. 

Here’s what they’re saying:

WLIO-TV Lima: Strickland Makes Stop in Lima on “Ohio Is Not For Sale” Tour.

  • “Ted Strickland says Rob Portman turned his back on Ohio’s auto workers and was opposed to the auto rescue project. Strickland says it's a powerful example of how Portman always chooses his rich and powerful friends at the expense of hard-working Ohioans.

  • “‘I’m traveling around Ohio trying to point out the difference between Senator Portman and myself,’ said Ted Strickland. ‘I’m a working class guy and he’s a guy who looks out for people who are rich and powerful and well-connected, the Wall-Streeters and the Washington insiders, that's who Rob Portman cares about and I care about autoworkers and regular people who actually work for a living.”

  • “The Lima stop is part of Governor Strickland's Ohio is Not for Sale tour.”

Lima News: Strickland speaks to UAW workers.

  • I want to unrig a rigged system,” Strickland said.

  • “George Jeffries, a UAW Local 2147 leader, said Strickland has always been on the side of automakers. ‘There’s no better fighter for the middle class than Ted Strickland,’ Jeffries said.”

  • “Strickland talked about his background growing up in a working family on a dirt road. ‘I’m proud of my background, and I’ve never forgotten where I came from,’ he said.”

Columbus Dispatch: At Metropolitan Club, Strickland says Ohio is Not for Sale. 

  • “‘Sen. Portman and his wealthy friends have spent over $59 million on mostly false and misleading attack ads,’ Strickland said. ‘And most of it has come from wealthy billionaire out-of-staters who are trying to buy an Ohio Senate seat.’”

Columbus Dispatch: New Strickland ad criticizes Portman's wealthy allies.

  • “Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland has a new ad out – and it’s bashing Sen. Rob Portman for being supported by wealthy donors.”

  • “The ad – which dovetails off a new Medium post by Strickland titled ‘Ohio is Not for Sale,’ accuses Republican Sen. Rob Portman of being ‘bought and paid for.’”

  • “‘He’s their senator,’ the announcer intones. ‘Which means he can’t be ours.’ The ad also calls Portman a ‘free trader’ who has supported NAFTA and rolled over for China.”

Politico Pro: Strickland continues attacking Portman on Wall Street.

  • “Democrat Ted Strickland is out with a new TV ad in Ohio accusing GOP Sen. Rob Portman of being ‘bought and he's paid for’ by special interests.”

  • “‘The Wall Street banks and the Koch Brothers spend over $50 million to buy a Senate seat in Ohio. Rob Portman is their guy,’ a narrator says in the ad. ‘He's their senator - which means he can't be ours.’”

Columbus Dispatch: Sen. Chris Murphy, campaigning for Ted Strickland, goes after Rob Portman on gun issues.

  • “Murphy, a House member elected to the Senate a month before the Sandy Hook shootings, appeared with Democrat Gov. Ted Strickland in Columbus to denounce the record of his opponent, incumbent Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, on updating gun laws.”

  • “‘For some reason, Rob Portman has chosen to double down with the gun lobby at a moment when the public is really calling for change,Murphy said.” 

  • “Strickland also claimed that Portman sides with the National Rifle Association on fighting gun law reforms, saying the NRA represents gun manufacturers rather than gun owners.” 

Cleveland.com: NRA support shows Portman looking out for rich and powerful.

  • “Emphasizing gun control also allows Strickland to strike back against the NRA, which has so far spent nearly $1.8 million this campaign against him, according to OpenSecrets.org. Such support, Bergstein said, is ‘an example of how Senator Portman is pushing his agenda of his rich and powerful friends’ …The Cincinnati-area Republican doesn't support an assault-weapons ban and voted against bills to require background checks on most gun sales.”


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