What They’re Saying: Strickland Stands with Ohio Educators

“Strickland vowed he would be an ‘unabashed champion of public education’”

COLUMBUS, OH –– On Tuesday, Ted Strickland addressed dozens of educators at Columbus Downtown High School to discuss his Ohio Families First Proposal to Champion Public Education for students, parents and educators and to launch a new coalition supporting his campaign: “Educators for Ted.”

Here’s what they’re saying:

Columbus Dispatch: Strickland attacks high-stakes testing, tax dollars for charter schools.

  • “Democrat Ted Strickland touched on key points of concern to Ohio's public school educators this afternoon amid his campaign for the U.S. Senate.”

  • “He left them applauding as he denounced ‘excessive, oppressive’ high-stakes student achievement tests and the flow of tax dollars to 'shadowy charter schools." He also called for government bureaucrats to give parents and teachers a greater stake in decisions that affect classroom education.”

  • “Strickland, who is endorsed by the Ohio Education Association and the Ohio Federation of Teachers, vowed he would be an ‘unabashed champion of public education’ if Ohioans elect him to the Senate on Nov. 8.”

  • “[Strickland] correctly pointed out that Ohio's education system improved during his watch to be ranked fifth best in the nation in one noted study.

Toledo Blade: Strickland unveils his education policies.

  • “‘Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland vowed Tuesday to champion public education if he is elected — especially to empower local education professionals to make decisions.”

  • “The Strickland campaign also stated that Mr. Portman has voted to cut funding for public schools by $780 million “in order to give taxpayer-funded handouts to his rich and powerful friends, to cut the Department of Education by $115 million, and he’s supported budgets that jeopardized over 65,000 education positions across the country.”

  • “Becky Higgins, president of the OEA, called Mr. Strickland, ‘a tireless champion for our public schools, educators and students.’”

Dix Newspapers: US Senator hopeful Strickland outlines education policy position at Columbus stop.

  • “‘Especially in Ohio, the charter school implementation has been scandalous,’ Strickland said. ‘Ohio has for-profit charter schools. Most states do not have for-profit charter schools where people can make money off of the education of our kids.’”

  • “Strickland said Portman supported federal funding of Ohio’s for-profit charters, accepted campaign contributions from those same charters and ‘voted to cut funding for public schools by $780 million in order to give taxpayer-funded handouts to his rich and powerful friends.’”

  • “He added later, ‘I want every kid in Ohio, regardless of whether they’re rich or poor or somewhere in between, to have the opportunity to get a good, high-quality public education that will prepare them for a successful life.’”

Cleveland.com: Ted Strickland calls for nationwide moratorium on for-profit charter schools.

  • “‘I'm opposed to for-profit charter schools because I do not believe that educating our kids should become a for-profit activity,’ said Strickland, who called for a similar freeze in Ohio as governor in 2007. ‘I would love to see a nationwide moratorium on for-profit charter schools.’”

  • “The Columbus Democrat spoke out against ‘excessive, oppressive testing,’ saying instead that educators should use ‘systems of accountability that inform instruction.’”

  • “Strickland praised the Every Student Succeeds Act, passed by Congress last fall to replace the much-criticized No Child Left Behind laws. Strickland called the new law ‘a reason to be hopeful.’”


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