What They’re Saying: Strickland Speaks Out for Working Families Over Labor Day Weekend

COLUMBUS, OH –– At events across Ohio during Labor Day weekend, Ted Strickland spoke out for working families and highlighted the central contrast in the race for Senate –– while Ted is fighting for working people like the ones he grew up with, Senator Portman is pushing the agenda of his rich and powerful friends at Ohio’s expense. 

Here’s what they’re saying:

Elyria Chronicle-Telegram: Ted Strickland Rallies For Labor.“Ted Strickland is mad. In fact, at a Lorain County Labor Day festival Sunday the Democrat said he’s ‘damn mad.’ Strickland said he’s angry because his U.S. Senate campaign opponent, Republican incumbent Rob Portman, wants to raise the retirement age.Strickland’s niece, Anita, is 51 years old and finishes concrete for a living, working six 10-hour days and then finds herself too exhausted to do anything on Sundays, her day off. [...] ‘I want to fight for regular people,’ Strickland said, ‘and I want to fight against trade deals that hurt our workers, and I want to stand up to China. I would want to completely improve our infrastructure that would improve water ports and airports and by adding broadband that everyone can access. It would put people to work at good jobs.’” 

Toledo Blade: Strickland Says He’s The Candidate For Working People.“Democratic U.S. Sen. candidate Ted Strickland called himself the candidate for working people, and slammed his opponent, Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Rob Portman. ‘’He spent his entire life looking out for those who are already privileged,’ Mr. Strickland said in a voice that was basically a yell.”

Lorain Morning Journal: Labor Day celebrated by Lorain County unions, organizations. “Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland speaks to the attendees at Lorain County Organized Labor’s annual Labor Day Celebration at Black River Landing in Lorain Sept. 4.”

Portsmouth Daily Times: Strickland Wants To Serve The Region As Senator. “Former Ohio Governor and candidate for Senate, Ted Strickland was among the many participants in the River Days Parade on Saturday. ‘I am back here for River Days because I am running for the Senate, and I wanted to touch base with some of my friends and supporters, to encourage them to make sure that they are registered and to get out and vote,’ Strickland said. ‘This is a very important election, and this is my home county. This is my home area. I know Southern Ohio, and I care about Southern Ohio having served this area as the Governor, and now I want to serve this region as their Senator.”

Toledo Blade: Candidates, spouses converge on Ohio Labor Day events. “In Toledo, Frances Strickland, wife of former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat, who is challenging Republican Sen. Rob Portman for the Senate, will campaign for her husband as she marches in the city’s Labor Day parade, which steps off downtown at 9 a.m.

Cleveland.com: Strickland Fires Up Democrats In Cleveland. “There was Democratic Senate hopeful Ted Strickland, the former governor, who shouted so loud his voice nearly cracked.”

Toledo Blade/NW Ohio AFL-CIO Executive Secretary Treasurer George Tucker: Remember The Season And Vote Accordingly. “Voters will see Rob Portman’s anti-working people agenda eclipse his rhetoric and his campaign that is propped up by unlimited spending by out-of-state billionaires. They will see a candidate who will say anything to distract from his real record, and his lack of political courage on issues that matter most to the working men and women of Toledo. So let’s remember the reason for the season and take a look at this election through the lens of working people. Who will best serve our interests and stand up for policies that work for us? In the U.S. Senate race, the answer is Ted Strickland. Happy Labor Day to all.”


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