What They’re Saying: Strickland Slams Portman on Auto Rescue, Women’s Health and Trump

Strickland fought for the auto rescue while Portman called it a “lousy deal”

COLUMBUS, OH –– This week, Ted Strickland highlighted three powerful examples of how Senator Portman is pushing the agenda of the rich and the powerful at the expense of Ohio’s working families: Portman’s opposition to the auto rescue that saved 160,000 Ohio jobs, his record of hurting Ohio’s women and working families by opposing Roe v. Wade and voting against equal pay, and how Portman is continuing to support Donald Trump, the most toxic and divisive presidential nominee in modern history.  

Meanwhile, a new report from CBS reveals that Senator Portman’s much discussed and often touted field operation employs a grand total of… 10 staffers.  

See for yourself:

Toledo Blade: Strickland Joins UAW To Attack Portman On Auto Rescue. 

  • “Ohio U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland appeared with supporters from the United Auto Workers union today in Toledo to attack his Republican opponent, Sen. Rob Portman, over his stance on the 2009 auto rescue.”

  • “Mr. Strickland, a former Democratic governor, cited a 2009 news release from Mr. Portman calling the General Motors bankruptcy plan ‘a lousy deal for Ohio.’"

  • “‘Thankfully the industry was saved but not through the help of people like Rob Portman. He’s trying to have an election-year conversion,’ Mr. Strickland said. He was backed up by 20 local UAW workers who work for the Jeep Assembly Plant and other local factories. ‘Can you imagine a senator from Ohio calling the auto rescue a lousy deal?’”

Lima News: Strickland talks auto rescue, Senate race during stop at Lima UAW.

  • “U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland stopped by the United Auto Workers union Local 1219 office Wednesday to highlight the stark contrast between himself and Sen. Rob Portman on the 2009 auto rescue, as well other issues such as international trade.”

  • “‘Ted fought for the auto rescue because he knew if the auto industry died, our economy would be in peril and working families would suffer,’ Lortz said. ‘Ted cares about working families, and with his support, the auto industry survived and tens of thousands of jobs right here in Ohio were saved.’”

  • “During his speech, Strickland repeatedly admonished Portman for his statement that the auto rescue was a ‘lousy deal for Ohio.’ The statement was derived from a 2009 news release that can be found on Portman’s website.

  • “Strickland spent a great deal of time delineating himself from Portman on several other issues, including trade deals. ‘He’s supported every trade deal that we’ve entered into, and I’ve opposed every trade deal,’ he said. ‘I call him ‘the best senator that China’s ever had,’ because he’s always done what China wanted.’”

WLIO Lima: Strickland makes Stop in Lima, Highlights Portman’s Opposition To Auto Rescue.

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  • “Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland made a stop in Lima this afternoon to meet with local United Auto Workers. As he seeks to become Ohio's next U.S. Senator, Strickland highlighted the differences between himself and Senator Rob Portman. Strickland says he fought for the auto rescue to help provide relief to the auto industry, while Portman called it a ‘lousy deal for Ohio’. He also says he is more interested in fighting for the working class people than Senator Portman.”

  • “‘It's not just the auto industry. It's all kinds of other issues that separate me from Senator Portman. i mean I come from working people. He came from a wealthy environment. He has supported every bad trade deal that we've entered into, and I've opposed every bad trade deal. I call him the best Senator that China's ever had,’ Strickland said.”

  • “[Strickland] says Portman supports the North American Free Trade Agreement and has voted multiple times to grant China special trade status.”

Morning Consult: In Play For Women Voters, Strickland Ties Portman To Trump. “The ad highlights Portman’s and Trump’s support for cutting federal funding to Planned Parenthood, as well as their opposition to the Roe v. Wade decision on abortion and opposition to a policy aiming to eliminate the wage gap between women and men.”

Roll Call: Strickland Links Portman To Trump On Women’s Issues. On Thursday, Ted Strickland's campaign in Ohio began airing a new TV ad that linked its Republican opponent, Sen. Rob Portman, to Trump over the GOP's presidential nominee treatment of women.”

Toledo Blade: New Strickland TV ad links Trump & Portman. “Democrat Ted Strickland's new TV ad "Choice" links Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump as having common opposition to women's interests.”

Daily Kos: Ted Strickland targets Rob Portman on choice, embrace of Trump's anti-woman agenda. “Donald Trump's biggest demographic problem is with women voters, and Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland is making the most of it, tying his Republican opponent Sen. Rob Portman to Trump in his opposition to abortion rights and women's rights in a new ad appropriately called "Choice."


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