What They’re Saying: Strickland “Rips” Portman on Trade in Lorain

LORAIN, OH — On Monday, Ted Strickland joined steelworkers in Lorain to discuss his policy proposals to crack down on unfair trade deals and to highlight the contrast between himself and Senator Rob Portman on trade policy. Strickland slammed Portman’s unabashed, decades-long support for unfair, job-killing trade deals that have sent hundreds of thousands of Ohio jobs overseas to places like China.

Here’s what they’re saying:

LORAIN MORNING JOURNAL: "Strickland calls for better trade deals, rips Portman"

  • "Strickland, a Democrat, visited Lorain to speak against incumbent Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican, for supporting trade policies that hurt cities such as Lorain across Ohio and the United States.”

  • “Noting his own biography, Strickland said a Walmart now stands on the site of the Detroit Steel mill where his own father worked for years in Leesburg. He delivered a message to Republic Steel workers in Lorain who are out of jobs while the company has idled the local plant that made special bar quality steel.”

  • “Strickland slammed Portman for his work in the House and as trade representative and director of the Office of Management and Budget in the administration of President George W. Bush. Strickland also alluded to Chinese imports that have hurt American companies and jobs. 'I call Rob Portman the best senator that China’s ever had,’ Strickland said. ‘And I say that because I think he has been. And China’s got a lot of friends in the Senate, but none better than Rob Portman,’ Strickland added.”

  • “At the national level, U.S. trade deals should not be negotiated in secret by special interest lobbyists, Strickland said. Those talks should be made transparent and any deal should be public for at least 90 days before Congress takes action on trade legislation, Strickland said.”

  • “He also released a letter to President Obama calling for the White House and United States trade representative to oppose market economy status for China. American officials could help domestic businesses by enforcing trade regulations already on the books, Strickland said.”

ELYRIA CHRONICLE-TELEGRAM: "Strickland links Portman to steel industry downturn in Lorain campaign stop"

  • “During a campaign stop at a union hall Monday, former Gov. Ted Strickland was critical of foreign trade deals that he blamed for costing manufacturing jobs in Lorain and elsewhere.”

  • “Strickland said he opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which he complained had been put together in secret by government officials and corporate interests with no input from labor. He also said he would oppose trade deals that harm the manufacturing sector or lead to more jobs being sent overseas. 'We can’t do it with a Senate that is just simply going to rubber stamp what the corporate world wants,’ Strickland said."

  • “The former governor said that Portman is ‘the best senator that China’s ever had’ and that his opponent, a former U.S. trade representative, only raised questions about the deal now that he’s in a tough election fight.”

  • “Strickland also criticized Portman’s support for improving China’s trade status even though the nation isn’t a free market like the United States.”  

  • “Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer, a Democrat, and state Rep. Dan Ramos, D-Lorain, both said during brief remarks before Strickland took the podium that they support Strickland’s trade proposals over those of Portman.”


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