What They’re Saying: Strickland Launches ‘Ohio Families First’ Proposal To Help Rebuild America’s Infrastructure

Strickland: “America needs a big and bold idea that will set the stage for Ohio’s and America’s future economic success.”

COLUMBUS, OH -- On Thursday, Ted Strickland joined local leaders in Toledo to announce his Ohio Families First proposal to prioritize investments in roads, bridges, cables, water infrastructure, intermodal transportation and other infrastructure projects -- “a big and bold idea” that will help create good paying jobs for working families and set the stage for America’s future success.

The event took place across the street from the Veterans’ Glass City Skyway Bridge – an infrastructure project that Strickland helped complete as governor.

Here’s what they’re saying:

Toledo Blade: Strickland Presents Infrastructure Plan.

  • “In a speech Thursday at East Toledo’s Tribute Memorial Park, former Ohio governor and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Ted Strickland outlined a plan to heighten government focus on infrastructure and criticized his opponent, U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R., Ohio), for not supporting similar projects to create jobs.”

  • “Mr. Strickland described his proposal to create a national ‘infrastructure bank’ to finance large investments in public infrastructure, and singled out five areas in need of major spending: broadband Internet, water, energy, intermodal transportation, and roads, bridges, and public transportation.”

  • “‘America needs a big and bold idea that will set the stage for Ohio’s and America’s future economic success,’ Mr. Strickland said. ‘We need to create good-paying jobs, we need to help working people get ahead in life, and we need to rebuild America.’”

  • ‘“Ted actually understands the challenges that are facing Ohioans who work for a living, because that’s where he came from,’ Mrs. Contrada said. ‘And he knows that communities like ours need the resources for infrastructure in order to help working families get ahead and to help our community succeed.’’’

  • “Mr. Strickland accused Mr. Portman of supporting budget proposals that cut spending on infrastructure and for being beholden to special-interest groups controlled by wealthy campaign donors.”

  • “As his voice rose, Mr. Strickland called the senator a ‘Washington insider and jobs outsourcer.’”

WTVG Toledo: Strickland Announces Plan to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure. “Former Governor Ted Strickland joined leaders in Toledo to announce his Ohio Families First proposal. Strickland says his plan would help rebuild America’s infrastructure and create more good paying jobs for Ohioans through the creation of the National Infrastructure Bank. ‘This infrastructure bank would make loans available at a very low interest rate and then, of course, that money would be paid back and it would be self-perpetuating. It would be a very low cost to the government, but it would enable capital to be for projects that need to be done now.’”

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WTOL Toledo: Strickland Unveils Ohio Families First Proposal in Toledo. “Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland was in Toledo today, this time campaigning for a Senate seat, and kicked off a new proposal called Ohio Families First. Now he held this event over at Tribute Park in East Toledo -- that’s a tribute to those killed in the construction of the Veterans’ Glass City Skyway. Toledo’s mayor joined him in this event. He talked about his plan to prioritize investments in roads, bridges, cables and other infrastructure projects. Strickland says the projects will help create good paying jobs for Ohio families and set the stage for future economic success. Strickland says his opponent, Senator Rob Portman, can’t compete. ‘The big money guys, the Koch brothers, the special interests- they can buy Senator Portman TV ads, but they can’t buy him a new record. And I’m pointing out his record. I’m not lying about him. I’m just telling the truth.’”

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WNWO Toledo: Strickland Outlines Infrastructure Plan in Toledo. “In Decision 2016 news this morning, former Ohio governor and U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland is outlining his Ohio Families First campaign in Toledo. He hopes to strengthen infrastructure to bring in more jobs.”

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