What They’re Saying: Strickland Fights For Working Women, Slams Portman For Supporting Trump

COLUMBUS, OH -- On Monday, Ted Strickland joined Ohio women to announce his Ohio Families First Plan to fight for working women and families and to launch “Women for Ted,” a coalition of over 100 women leaders who are supporting his campaign.

While Senator Portman has voted five times against equal pay legislation and has led the charge to restrict women’s access to healthcare, Ted highlighted his support for equal pay for equal for work, paid family leave, affordable childcare and accessible women’s healthcare.

At the event, Strickland also highlighted the disarray within the Ohio Republican Party, and how Senator Portman is continuing to support Donald Trump in contrast to leading Ohio Republicans like Governor Kasich who are refusing to back Trump’s divisive and toxic campaign.  

Here’s what they’re saying:

WTVN News Radio 610: Ted Strickland Pledges Support for 'Equal Pay for Women.' “Former Gov. Ted Strickland, one of Ohio's most prominent Democrats, says he will support what he calls ‘equal pay for women’, and policy requiring companies to pay full-time workers for time off for medical emergencies.’ [...] At Strickland's campaign event, he unveiled a new group of a hundred female leaders, named "Women for Ted", which includes Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown.”

Toledo Blade: Strickland Senate race enlists women; Ex-governor touts equal pay, family leave, abortion rights as priorities.

  • “Surrounded by about 20 female officials, candidates, and entrepreneurs, former Governor Strickland launched Women for Ted in his fight against Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman.”

  • “‘I think this is different from prior elections because there’s so much at stake here,’ he said. ‘Donald Trump is one big problem for Republicans and for Senator Portman.’ Among the issues that he said will hurt Mr. Portman is his decision, along with most other Republican senators, to not consider President Obama’s nominee, Washington D.C. appellate Judge Merrick Garland, for the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court until after the Nov. 8 election.”

  • “Mr. Strickland laid out an agenda that includes equal pay, paid family leave, sick time, affordable health care, and abortion rights.”

  • “‘In this economy, as it’s currently structured, it’s really difficult for a lot of women to get ahead,’ Mr. Strickland said. ‘For the last 30 years, women and men have worked hard, and they’ve created wealth. That wealth, unfortunately, has been concentrated among the richest 1 percent of people in America, and families are being squeezed.’”

WKSU: Senate Candidate Ted Strickland Launches "Ohio Families First" Plan. “Former Gov. Ted Strickland says his Ohio Families First Plan supports women by ensuring equal pay for equal work, access to paid sick days, affordable childcare and by allowing women, not their employers or government, to make decisions about health care. ‘’I’m the guy who is going to be the fighter for you in the Senate and Rob Portman is actually hurting you with his voting,’ Strickland said.”

Associated Press: Ted Strickland pitches women with family, economic policies.

  • “Ted Strickland of Ohio is appealing to the women’s vote with a package of policy initiatives that he says promote strong families, economic equality, health care access and affordable child care.”

  • “The former congressman and one-term Ohio governor announced his positions Monday in tandem with launching Women for Ted, a coalition of 100 female leaders leading women’s outreach for his campaign.”

  • “Strickland says Portman voted against equal pay five times in Congress.”

Columbus Dispatch: Strickland compliments Kasich's 'moral integrity,' warns against Trump.

  • “Ted Strickland drew a sharp contrast between Sen. Rob Portman and his previous political opponent, Gov. John Kasich, Monday, saying Kasich had ‘moral integrity’ for distancing himself from Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.”

  • “Strickland made his remarks after announcing the most recent portion of his Ohio Families First plan — including a call for equal wages between men and women and paid family and medical leave. The event took place at Print Syndicate, a woman-owned design firm based in downtown Columbus. Among the company's wares: shirts prominently featuring Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg reading "Notorious RBG" and ‘You Want the Ruth? You Can't Handle the Ruth.’”

Cincinnati Enquirer: Strickland compliments Kasich's 'moral integrity' on Trump.

  • “‘Unlike John Kasich, who has the moral integrity, I think, to really question whether or not this man should be in the presidency, Rob Portman has not shown that kind of hesitancy.’”

  • Strickland's news conference Monday focused on his support for equal pay for female workers, access to abortion and tax credits for child care.

WHIZ: Strickland Rolls Out Women’s Plan, Launches “Women for Ted.”


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