What They’re Saying: Strickland Fights For Middle-Class Economic Fairness, Blasts Portman On Supreme Court

COLUMBUS, OH -- Across Ohio, Ted Strickland is speaking out for working families: highlighting his new Ohio Families First Plan to bring economic fairness for the middle class, and calling out Senator Portman for his refusal to follow the Constitution and even consider a new Supreme Court Justice.

Meanwhile, a new poll reveals that even after Senator Portman and his allies have spent millions on false television advertising, Strickland is continuing to win this race. Two polls have also shown that Portman’s Supreme Court obstructionism is deeply unpopular with Ohio voters.

Here’s what they’re saying:

Columbus Dispatch: Strickland announces economic plan slated to support working class. “Former Gov. Ted Strickland calls for rebalancing America's economy to better support working-class citizens...The plan includes three main planks: middle-income tax cuts, wage regulations and trade policy reform…’As I see it, it’s as if there are two worlds,’ he said. ‘There’s a world that average people live in that most of us work in. … But there’s another world, and it’s the world that (incumbent Republican) Sen. Rob Portman lives in. It’s the world of the millionaires and the billionaires.’”

Statehouse News Bureau: Strickland Lays Out His Economic Reform Plan And It Includes Tax Cuts. “Former Governor Ted Strickland says the current tax code punishes middle class families so he wants to change it. ‘I’m proposing we give a tax cut of $1000 per year to joint filers who make less than $150,000 and a single filer would get a tax cut of $500.’

Cleveland.com: Strickland’s Tax-Cut Plan. “Strickland said that while American workers have been more productive than in previous decades, they’re not being fairly compensated for their additional work. The candidate called for middle class tax cuts.”

ABC Columbus: Strickland unveils "Ohio Families First" economic plan. ”Today Strickland unveiled his Ohio Families First Plan...it includes a tax break for families and proposals so that Ohioans can earn a fair wage.”

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Toledo Blade: Strickland visits, talk taxes; Democrat focusing on middle-class issues during living room tour. “Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland spent Monday in Toledo, sitting down with several northwest Ohioans to unveil his Ohio Families First Plan. On the agenda: coffee, middle-class tax breaks, and trade. ‘“So much in the tax code has been written in specifically to protect special interests,’ Mr. Strickland said. ‘The working middle class simply has not gotten a fair break, and it’s something we have to start addressing.’”


NBC Toledo: Strickland Wants To Restore The Middle Class. “Ted Strickland...wants to restore the middle class. He outlined three points: balancing the tax code by giving a tax cut to working people, paying those who work overtime for those extra hours and bringing jobs back to the U.S.”

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CBS Toledo: Strickland Discusses "Ohio Families First" Plan. “Ted Strickland was talking about his plan to bring economic fairness to local families.”

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ABC Toledo: Strickland Proposes Tax Break For Middle Class. “Strickland having a series of roundtable discussions about this plan in homes across Ohio, he’s highlighting the kinds of economic conversations he says are happening in middle class homes across the state.”

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Youngstown Vindicator: Strickland knocks Portman for shirking constitutional duty. “Ex-Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat running for the U.S. Senate, again criticized Rob Portman, the Republican incumbent, for refusing to consider any candidate for a U.S. Supreme Court vacancy nominated by President Barack Obama.”

NBC Youngstown: Strickland condemns Portman's Supreme Court position.  “Strickland used the federal courthouse downtown as a backdrop as he condemned Senator Rob Portman and the Republican leadership for refusing to even consider a new Supreme Court nominee...Strickland cited a new poll by Public Policy Polling which shows that the majority of Ohioans believe that the vacancy on the Supreme Court should be filled this year.”

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ABC Youngstown: Strickland says Portman not fulfilling obligations on Supreme Court. “Strickland is accusing incumbent Rob Portman and other Republicans of not following the will of the voters….a new poll suggests the majority of Ohio voters want to see the Scalia vacancy filled this year.”

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