What They’re Saying: Strickland Continues ‘Ohio Not For Sale Tour’

COLUMBUS, OH -- This weekend Ted Strickland continued his ‘Ohio Not For Sale’ Tour, holding stops and events across the state to highlight how he’ll fight for Ohio’s working people -- while Senator Portman is being propped up by millions of dollars in campaign spending from his rich and powerful friends in exchange for pushing their agenda at the expense of Ohioans who actually work for a living.

Here’s what they’re saying: 

Richland Source: Strickland, former Ohio governor, campaigns in Mansfield. 

  • “‘There’s a reason the Koch Brothers like him so much. He’s their lap dog — I don’t want to degrade lap dogs because they can be great,’ he said, pausing to allow one small dog to have a brief moment of fame. ‘But the fact is, they know what ever they ask of Rob Portman, he’s going to do for them.’

  • “‘Why are the Koch Brothers and others spending so much money against me? Why would they do that? $59 million is precedent setting. I don’t know that that has happened anywhere in the United States of America. Why?’ Strickland asked. ‘Because he (Portman) does what ever they ask him to do. And I want to look out for working people. That’s what I came from.’” 

  • “‘That’s why I think women should make as much money as men. Why I believe a woman should be able to control her own health care decisions. I believe the middle class needs a tax cut. I’m for things that are going to impact the lives of regular working people.”

  • Strickland said there were many differences between Sen. Portman and himself. ‘He has voted five times, against paid equity for women. It’s incredible,’ Strickland said. ‘He has voted to put a tax burden on the backs of working people; he’s not good for the environment.’”

Mansfield News Journal: Strickland brings Senate campaign to Mansfield.

  • “‘Why are the Koch brothers and others spending that much money against me?’ he said. ‘They know that whatever they ask of Rob Portman, he is going to do for them,’ he said.”

  • Strickland said when the auto industry was on its knees and President Barack Obama and Sen. Sherrod Brown urged a rescue of the auto industry, Portman ‘sent out a press release that said rescuing the auto industry was a lousy deal.’”

  • “Older workers deserve a secure retirement, he said. The candidate said Portman, as President George W. Bush's budget director, was ‘a cheerleader’ for an effort to try to privatize the Social Security system, and voted to turn Medicaid into a voucher program in which people would be given money, then told to negotiate with insurance companies for the best deal. ‘What could possibly go wrong with that?’ Strickland said in a tongue-in-cheek aside.”

Wooster Record: Ted Strickland to campaign in Wooster Saturday. “Former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, who is running against U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican, for the Senate, will be campaigning in Wooster at the College of Wooster Lowry Center Saturday afternoon.” 


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