What They’re Saying: Strickland Campaigns with Clinton on Ohio Bus Tour

STEUBENVILLE, OH –– On Tuesday, Ted Strickland joined President Bill Clinton on the first day of his Ohio bus tour at four events across Eastern Ohio. Strickland introduced the former president at campaign rallies in Athens and Steubenville, making stops to greet voters at restaurants in Marietta and Bridgeport and highlighting how he'll fight for working families in the Senate.

Here’s what they’re saying: 

WTOV-TV Steubenville: Strickland welcomes Bill Clinton to Ohio.


Columbus Dispatch: Clinton color: Bill hasn't lost touch with Ohio voters.

  • “He captivated diners at the Third Street Deli in Marietta and the Sonny Boy restaurant in Bridgeport, easily chatting on any topic and posing for a relentless stream of cellphone photos with everyone in sight. In Marietta, former Gov. Ted Strickland, the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, sometimes acted as cell phone photographer.”

  • “Clinton and Strickland sat a window-front table. Clinton had a cup of vegetable soup – regularly disregarding the spoon for sips – along with a veggie sandwich and potato salad.”

Athens Messenger: Former prez Clinton makes case for prez candidate Clinton. 

  • “[...] Earlier speaker Ted Strickland, the former Ohio governor running against U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, [...] speech turned into a point-by-point synopsis of the two candidates’ policy differences.”

  • “Beyond outlining his policy disagreements with Sen. Portman, Strickland drew comparisons between modern Democrats and Lyndon Baines Johnson, who served as president in the 1960s and also spoke at Ohio University.”

  • “‘We will build a great society,’ Strickland said, harkening back to Johnson’s social programs of that era. It will be important to vote for Democrats like him, Strickland told the crowd, so that Hillary Clinton would have a supportive Congress to help pass her legislative priorities.”

WOUB Digital: Former President Stumps for Clinton in Athens.

  • “Introductions before Clinton included 94th District State Representative candidate Sarah Grace and U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland. Strickland used his time to talk about his opponent, Rob Portman’s stances on climate change, minimum wage and equal pay for women.” 

Ohio University Post: Bill Clinton rallies students in Athens. 

  • “Strickland said Athens County has provided important support for himself, for Bill Clinton during his presidential campaign and would do the same for Hillary Clinton.” 

Marietta Times: Bill Clinton stops in Marietta.

  • “Former president Bill Clinton and former Governor Ted Strickland stopped in Marietta Tuesday on their way to Steubenville. The two were in Athens earlier in the day campaigning for Hillary Clinton. They spent time greeting patrons at the Third Street Deli.”

WTOV-TV Steubenville: President Bill Clinton campaigns in Steubenville.

  • “‘Bill Clinton is a remarkable man and he has influenced not only Ohio and America, he has influenced the world,’ said Ted Strickland, candidate for U.S senate.”


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