What They’re Saying: Strickland Barnstorms Appalachia

Appalachian resident: “Ted Strickland and that man, what’s his face?"

COLUMBUS -- Ted Strickland just wrapped up his 2 day “Working Families First” Tour in Appalachia, holding events in Mahoning, Columbiana, Belmont, Washington, Athens, Ross and Brown counties to talk about his deep connection to the region and how he will fight for working families in the U.S. Senate.

Ted was born and raised in Appalachia and will stand up for the working people he grew up with, while Senator Portman is the ultimate Washington insider, unknown in this community, with a record of pushing the agenda of the wealthy and well-connected at Ohio’s expense.

This week the Strickland campaign also launched a new Appalachian website, www.RobsNotFromHere.com, which will serve as a digital hub for Ohioans to learn about the difference between Ted and Portman on issues that matter to Appalachian residents; released a new Appalachian focused digital ad “Lived It” contrasting Ted and Portman’s biographies; and began running targeted Appalachian Facebook ads.  

Here’s what they’re saying:

Cincinnati Enquirer: Strickland campaign zeroes in on Appalachia.

  • On Wednesday, he was greeted warmly by supporters who have had relationships with Strickland for years. The oatmeal pie Strickland enjoyed at the Lisbon diner is called ‘The Governor's Pie.’”

  • “‘Ted Strickland and that man, what’s his face? Rob Portman. I just don’t like those guys. I didn’t like them the first time around,’ said Katherine Daxson, who lives just outside Lisbon.”

  • “Skip Hawk, a regular customer at The Steel Trolley Diner, said he would vote for Strickland before ‘the other guy.’ While eating his meal Wednesday morning, he flipped off a man dressed in a tire costume labeled outside the diner.”

Youngstown Vindicator: Strickland criticizes Portman’s record on Appalachia issues. “‘Rob Portman doesn’t know a damn thing about Appalachia coal communities and he pretends to be terribly concerned,’ Strickland said today in Struthers during his kickoff of a two-day ‘Working Families First’ tour of Appalachia.”

Youngstown Vindicator: Ted Strickland lashes out at U.S. Sen. Rob Portman about Appalachia issues. “Strickland’s campaign points to a May 19, 1994, vote from Portman against simplifying the process for black-lung benefits for coal miners and their survivors. The bill passed. Also, five amendments failed that were related to restricting black-lung benefits that Portman supported.”

Morning Journal: Strickland stops in Lisbon seeking votes — and a piece of Governor’s Pie. “Strickland said during Portman's legislative career he has voted in favor of raising the retirement age for Social Security, privatizing Social Security and turning Medicare into a voucher program, and against raising the minimum wage and increasing mine safety regulations and black lung benefits.”  


Associated Press: US Senate hopeful Ted Strickland visits eastern Ohio home base. “Strickland told supporters and locals gathered at The Steel Trolley Diner that he’s campaigning in Appalachia ‘because that’s where I’m from and that’s what I care about.’” 

Marietta Times: Ted Strickland touts his southern Ohio roots.A packed room of community members and candidates awaited Strickland Wednesday evening, as he came to Marietta as part of his Appalachian campaign trail. Strickland, who is running for the U.S. Senate, spoke on the issues he felt were of immediate and serious concern for Southeastern Ohio: economic and education issues plus his desire to keep programs like Social Security non-privatized.”

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Martins Ferry Times Leader: Strickland campaigns in Martins Ferry. “Strickland addressed a crowd of supporters at the United Steelworkers Local 1238 in Martins Ferry, assuring them he has not forgotten where he came from and that he would stand up for the people of the region as their senator. Strickland drew sharp lines between himself and his opponent, incumbent Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio.”

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Real Clear Politics: Strickland's New Ad Spotlights His Appalachian Ties. “The ad notes that Strickland’s father was a steelworker, and that the former governor was the only one of the nine children in his family to go to college. It shows a rural setting in Ohio and notes that Strickland grew up on a road called ‘Duck Run.’”

Columbus Dispatch: Strickland aims to compare his background to Portman's.Strickland today launched an online ad, called “Lived It,” comparing Strickland’s childhood in Appalachia – he even attended a one-room school house – to Sen. Rob Portman’s affluent upbringing in a wealthy Cincinnati suburb.”

Toledo Blade: Strickland Website Attacks Portman. “Ted Strickland's campaign has opened a new website, called Rob's not from here, touting Strickland's connection with southeast Ohio.”

Morning Consult: Ohio Democrats Attack Portman’s Coal-Leasing Vote. “On Tuesday, the Ohio Democratic Party – supporting Ted Strickland, the former governor and congressman – planned to unleash a new attack, hitting Portman over his opposition to 2003 legislation that sought to limit the amount of land that was eligible for federal coal leasing […] The issue provides a clean point of contrast for Strickland, who supported the measure sponsored by Rep. Nick Rahall, a West Virginia Democrat. During the floor debate, Rahall said without his amendment, the bill would ‘give rise to a monopoly controlling Federal coal leases, primarily in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin.’”

WTAP: Ted Strickland stops in Marietta as part of two day tour. “Strickland is making stops across Appalachia as part of his "Working Families First" tour. He spoke about his connection to the area and how he wants to continue to advocate for the working people of the region in the U.S. Senate.”

WKBN: Strickland: “Rob Portman doesn’t know a damn thing about Appalachian coal communities.”

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WKBN: Strickland blasts Portman for supporting terrible trade deals.

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WRTF: Ted Strickland visits Martins Ferry.  

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