What They’re Saying: Strickland Barnstorms Across the State, Rallies Ohioans to Get Out the Vote

COLUMBUS, OH -- Throughout the week, Ted Strickland continued his “Ohio is Not for Sale” tour with stops in Lima, Columbus, Marietta, St. Clairsville, Steubenville, Lisbon, Youngstown, Akron, Mentor and Cleveland. Along with President Barack Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Strickland laid out the stakes in this election and highlighted how he’ll fight for working people in the Senate -- in contrast to Senator Portman who has been propped up by millions of dollars in campaign spending from his rich and powerful friends in exchange for pushing their agenda at the expense of Ohioans who actually work for a living.

Here’s what they’re saying: 

WTOV-TV Steubenville: Strickland, Vilsack stump in Steubenville 

  • I know what it's like to really work with your hands. I want to go to the Senate and fight for people who actually work for a living,’ Strickland said. Strickland is running for U.S. Senate and is trying to take the seat of incumbent, Republican Rob Portman. ‘I’m from working people and that's the difference between the two of us.’

  • I've never forgotten where I came from and the problem with Rob Portman is that he's never forgotten where he came from either, and he came from wealth and he has spent his political career taking care of people who are already wealthy,’ Strickland said.”

  • We have also reached out to the Portman camp but have yet to hear back. 

WLIO-TV Lima: Strickland rallies Lima Democrats, encourages them to get out the vote 

  • “Ted Strickland continued his ‘Ohio Is Not For Sale’ tour with a stop at the Allen County Democratic Party Headquarters to thank volunteers from his campaign for all their hard work and support and to continue to encourage everybody to vote as elections are only seven days away.”

  • “Ted also took this time to talk about his plan to fight for working people if elected. He says he knows what it's like to be a middle class worker and he wants to help those people.”

  • ‘That's what I want to fight for in the Senate, people who actually use their hands and work for a living, the investor class, the bankers, the Wall Streeters, they can take care of themselves and they usually do. But I want to be someone who is fighting for students, for seniors, for women,’ says Strickland.” 

WTAP-TV Marietta: Ted Strickland, Tom Vilsack stop in Marietta, urge voters to vote Democrat

  • “Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland stopped in Marietta Wednesday, alongside former Governor of Iowa, and now Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack. The goal was to urge residents to vote Democratic, and vote for Strickland for U.S. Senator.”

  • Strickland focused on differences between him and his opponent, Senator Rob Portman. He said Portman is not concerned with Ohioans, and doesn't have their best interests in mind.”

 Roll Call: Obama Hammers Trump, Portman in Ohio
  • “Obama urged the crowd to vote early, saying they cannot take any race for granted. He said Clinton will, if elected, ‘need allies like Ted Strickland.’ He touted Strickland’s support of policies to protect overtime pay and the ability of workers to collectively bargain, and to ensure women are paid the same as men.” 

  • “On those issues and others, he cast Portman as adamantly opposed, saying the incumbent senator voted against legislation aimed at ensuring better pay for women five times.”

Capital University Chimes: President Obama visits Capital, calls on Ohioans to vote for progress

  • “The president also spoke about the U.S. senate race between Ted Strickland and Rob Portman, echoing Strickland’s earlier remarks criticizing Portman for his refusal to denounce Trump.”

Athens News: Strickland tells local Dems why Portman needs to go 

  • “Strickland said that he and Portman are different people. He pointed to his having grown up in Appalachia and his family members’ work in construction. He said Portman was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, a millionaire who went to private schools and never had to worry about health-care coverage.” 

  • “Strickland said that when Portman has to choose between Ohioans and his ‘banker friends’ and ‘wealthy benefactors,’ Portman chooses his wealthy benefactors every time.”

  • ‘He’s living in a bubble,’ Strickland said. ‘He can come here, put on his blue jeans, get him a hard hat, walk around for a photo op and say, ‘Oh I care about the coal miners.’ He doesn’t give a damn about the coal miners or Appalachia.'

  • “‘What he cares about, based on his behavior, is appeasing the Wall Streeters and the Washington insiders. He has spent his entire political life taking care of people who are like him.’”

Lima News: Strickland makes campaign stop in downtown Lima

  • “During the visit, Strickland thanked volunteers, highlighted how he plans to fight for the working class of Ohio and railed against the policy positions of his Republican rival U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, as well as presidential candidate Donald Trump.”

  • “‘The investor class, the bankers, the hedge fund managers, the Wall Streeters — they can take care of themselves,’ he said. ‘But I want to be someone who is fighting for students, for seniors, for women. That’s what I want to fight for in the Senate — the people who actually use their hands and work for a living.’”

  • “Strickland said there is a ‘big difference’ between Portman and himself, especially when it comes to women’s issues, health care, senior citizen issues and education. He said he is an advocate of pay equity for women, a woman’s right to choose and college loan refinancing, and is against the privatization of Social Security and raising the retirement age.”

Hillsboro Times Gazette: Strickland rallies Highland County Democrats

  • “Ted Strickland, the former congressman, former Ohio governor and current Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, brought his ‘Ohio is Not For Sale’ campaign to Hillsboro Sunday evening, telling a roomful of supporters at the local Democratic Party headquarters that he appreciates Highland County, which he represented during the early part of his years in Congress.”

  • He said he was particularly disturbed by what he described as Trump’s “mocking of the disabled.” He said trusting Trump with the nuclear codes is dangerous, and criticized Trump’s comments about John McCain, the Arizona senator and former POW, which he said also insulted other veterans. 

  • “Strickland described his Republican opponent, incumbent Sen. Rob Portman, as ‘not a bad human being,’ but said Portman is out of touch with the common person because 'he’s a multi-millionaire.’"

  • “‘I’m in touch with real people in a way that Rob Portman is not,’ said Strickland. He spelled out differences he has with Portman on a variety of issues, including Social Security, Medicare, the minimum wage and trade. He criticized Portman for supporting Trump until Trump’s controversial comments on an ‘Access Hollywood’ tape became public.”

Willoughby News-Herald: Strickland rallies to get out the vote in Mentor

  • “‘The fact is that I come from working-class people. My dad was a steelworker. My brother finished concrete and my sisters provided care... in nursing homes... What we’re standing here advocating for is the American middle-class family.”

  • “Following his address, Strickland said he thinks interactions like these are important because they get people involved. ‘Every vote counts,’ Strickland said. ‘We’re very close to the election and it could be decided by a handful of votes. So it’s important that these kinds of gatherings happen all around the state.’”

Martins Ferry Times Leader: Ted Strickland and Tom Vilsack campaign in St. Clairsville 

  • “The former Ohio governor and congressman spoke to about 25 supporters at the Belmont County Democrat headquarters in St. Clairsville on Wednesday afternoon. He touted his own credentials in his bid to unseat U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and told those present they should not trust Portman.”

  • ‘This guy Portman has got me irritated … ,’ Vilsack said, adding he was raised by an adoptive mother who struggled with prescription drug and alcohol addiction. For that reason, he said, he has a strong interest in the opioid epidemic that is taking American lives. I see Portman taking credit for a piece of legislation that passed the House and Senate, claiming that this piece of legislation is going to somehow magically resolve the issue in Ohio.’

  • “‘What irritates me is this guy had multiple opportunities to put money into this program,’ Vilsack continued, noting the legislation basically says the sponsors are in favor of treatment, prevention and recovery but would not provide any money to support those efforts.”

  • Strickland called Portman a ‘hypocrite' who ‘tells a little bit of the truth.’ He said Portman comes from wealth and privilege and takes care of others like him, rather than working for ordinary Americans. ‘He has no idea what it’s like to live in a coal community,’ Strickland said of his opponent.” 

Wilmington News Journal: Candidate Strickland visits Clinton County

  • “Concerning the heroin and opiate problem, Strickland said the scourge has touched his own family when a nephew died from an oxycontin overdose a few months ago. As governor, he started a prescription drug taskforce because many people who get addicted started out with legally prescribed painkillers before becoming addicted, he said.”

  • Communities need resources and talk is cheap when it comes to this problem. The resources to actually provide appropriate interventions, education and treatment must come, I believe, from the federal government, and some from the state.’”


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