What They’re Saying: Strickland Announces 'Aggressive' Proposal to Defeat ISIS and Keep Americans Safe

Veteran: Strickland’s Plan “Is What Seems to be Needed in Our Nation Now”

COLUMBUS, OH — On Thursday, Ted Strickland announced his Ohio Families First Plan: Defeating Terrorism and Keeping Americans Safe in a speech to veterans, residents and community leaders in Dayton,  highlighting the policy initiatives that he’ll support in the U.S. Senate in order to defeat terrorists abroad and protect America’s homeland. Ted’s proposal drew praise from veterans like C.J. Bartley of Dayton, who said Strickland’s plan “is how to get things done” and “is what seems to be needed in our nation now.”

Here’s what they’re saying:

DAYTON DAILY NEWS: Strickland lays out foreign policy plan in Dayton.Strickland’s foreign policy plan calls for increasing air strikes and the number of special forces fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq, while boosting cyber security efforts to cripple the terrorist group’s ability to recruit online. Middle Eastern allies need to “step up and really engage themselves more fully” in the anti-ISIS effort, said Strickland. He said the U.S. should “take steps to ensure that the radicalization of citizens in that part of the world is not funded and encouraged by some of the governments that are supposed to be our allies.” He also called on Congress to provide more support to the department of Homeland Security and to require a review by the Government Accountability Office of every type of visa and visa waiver process to identify and fix vulnerabilities… Veteran C.J. Bartley, 63, of Dayton attended Strickland’s press conference in Dayton and liked his foreign policy plan. 'It seems to be very very broad in spectrum but also narrow in specifics,' Bartley said. 'That is how to get these things done. He has the objectives to do that. That is what seems to be needed in our nation now.'”

CLEVELAND.COM: Ted Strickland calls for more U.S. special forces, air strikes to stop ISIS.  “Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Ted Strickland on Thursday said that aggressive air strikes, as well as increased U.S. special forces and cyberwarfare, are needed against ISIS in the Middle East. The former Ohio governor, who hopes to unseat Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman this November, also urged Congress to pass an updated war resolution against ISIS and stated that the U.S. should push Middle East allies such as Saudi Arabia to "take responsibility for the stability of their region."

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Ohio’s Strickland Lays Out Security Plank in US Senate Race.Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland is supporting increased "aggressive" air attacks and drone strikes, targeted U.S. special forces operations and improved intelligence coordination as part of an enhanced campaign to defeat the Islamic State group. The former Ohio governor delivered a national security speech Thursday in Dayton. He says if he unseats Republican Sen. Rob Portman this fall, he'll also work to protect funding for the Department of Homeland Security and intelligence sharing that he says Portman has twice voted to cut. He also said he would support legislation that would use tougher background checks to keep guns from terrorists.”

WDTN DAYTON: Ted Strickland releases proposal to defeat ISIS, keep Americans safe. Former Ohio Governor Democrat Ted Strickland called for increased special operations troops, more cooperation with allies and stronger cybersecurity to defeat ISIS. In a speech at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Dayton Strickland said his approach to battling terrorism and keeping Americans safe would be more effective than that of his opponent incumbent Senator Rob Portman. ‘Basically it’s how to defeat ISIS and terrorism where they exist and to protect our country from allowing terrorists who would do us harm from getting access to our nation.’”


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