What They’re Saying: ‘Portman Facing Scrutiny Over Timing of Ditching Trump’

WCPO-TV: Portman’s Excuse Like “Voting For Mickey Mouse”

COLUMBUS, OH -- Senator Rob Portman is the most spineless, self-serving politician in America.

Here’s why: after the release of Donald Trump’s horrifying comments bragging about sexual assault, Portman told reporters that he was continuing to back Trump for president –– then 24 hours later Portman panicked in a dead-of-night, transparent attempt to save his own political ambitions. Here’s what they’re saying:

Associated Press HEADLINE: “Rob Portman facing scrutiny over timing of ditching Trump.” “The incumbent senator announced his reversal Saturday, more than 24 hours after a video featuring Trump making lewd, sexually charged remarks was condemned as offensive, inappropriate and sickening by other Republicans.”

Youngstown Vindicator:Portman continued to support Donald Trump’s presidential bid for at least 24 hours after the release of a video that showed the New York billionaire businessman boasting about being a sexual predator…it wasn’t until Saturday night that Portman announced he was withdrawing his endorsement of Trump. The delay is unfortunate[…] He should have been one of the first Republican officeholders in the country to repudiate Trump.” 

Cincinnati Enquirer:“Portman originally called the comments ‘offensive and wrong,’ but said Trump was ‘right to apologize.’ More than 24 hours later, he changed his mind, without saying why.”

Cincinnati Enquirer:“Portman's double-digit lead over former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, for instance, could evaporate… When Portman responded to the Trump video on Friday, he reacted similarly to the way he responded to Trump's other controversies…Censure, but keep the endorsement.”

Cincinnati Enquirer: “Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the landmark case legalizing same-sex marriage, berated Portman for picking Pence. Portman, whose son is gay, supports same-sex marriage. But Pence opposed gay marriage in Indiana and signed legislation that allowed business owners to refuse service to same-sex couples getting married. Lawmakers later passed a "fix" to prevent discrimination… Portman's about-face almost certainly hurts him with devoted Trump supporters. At a Warren County debate watch party Sunday night, Betty Dubin said she wouldn't vote for Portman after the senator abandoned Trump.”

WCPO-TV:“U.S. Sen. Rob Portman says he'll be voting for Mike Pence for president, in light of vulgar comments from Republican candidate Donald Trump. Turns out, that's pretty much as effective as voting for Mickey Mouse. Don't get us wrong: We understand Portman's trying to make a symbolic statement. It's just that writing in Pence -- Indiana's conservative governor and Trump's running mate -- won't count.”

Cleveland.com:“Ted Strickland's latest TV ad brands Republican incumbent Rob Portman a "coward" for waiting a day after Donald Trump's vulgar comments about women surfaced to withdraw his support of the GOP presidential nominee.”

Toledo Blade:Mr. Portman’s earlier statement had stopped short of retracting support for the Trump. Many, including some national Republican leaders, said the apology was insufficient…Earlier Saturday, Mr. Portman’s foe, Democrat Ted Strickland, had assailed his Republican opponent for not retracting his endorsement Mr. Trump.”

Columbus Dispatch: “Ted Strickland began airing a new TV commercial today in Cleveland and Columbus denouncing Republican incumbent Rob Portman as a “coward” for what he called his belated disavowal of the Trump. ‘That was shameful,” Strickland said in this morning. It was almost 24-26 hours later that Sen. Portman finally realized his political life was in jeopardy and he decided to withdraw his endorsement. I think that is too little and too late ‘Sen. Portman has shown a total lack of courage when it comes to dealing with Donald Trump’ by standing by him throughout prior controversies and ‘outrageous’ comments, Strickland said.”


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