What They’re Saying: At DNC Strickland Slams Portman, Trump

COLUMBUS, OH -- At events throughout the week of the DNC, Strickland energized Ohio Democrats and slammed Senator Portman’s continued support for Donald Trump and his record of voting for job-killing trade deals -- highlighting how Portman is pushing the agenda of the rich and powerful at the expense of Ohio's working families.

Reminder: one week ago today, Senator Portman was named a Republican National Convention “Loser” by the Cincinnati Enquirer for his full-throated endorsement of Trump’s campaign.

See for yourself:

WKSU-FM Cleveland: Strickland’s “High Energy” Speech Slams Portman, Trump. “He called his fall opponent, Rob Portman, ‘the best senator China has ever had,’ and spent a good amount of his high-energy speech slamming Donald Trump as divisive and ignorant. After the speech, he offered praise of Gov. John Kasich for refusing to endorse Trump. ‘I congratulate Gov. John Kasich for having the integrity and the principle to not get behind Donald Trump. Donald Trump would be dangerous to this country and Rob Portman should be embarrassed.’”

Cincinnati Enquirer: Strickland touts Sittenfeld, millennial support in one-on-one interview. “In nearly every speech to delegates, state leaders have reminded delegates just how important Ted Strickland's U.S. Senate race is. The Democratic Party is looking to pick up four senate seats and the hope is Strickland will snatch a seat from Ohio  Republican incumbent Senator Rob Portman...And Strickland touted support from millennial voters, saying the Democratic ideals he has long championed makes him the choice for voters under 30.

WVXU-FM Cincinnati: Strickland Says He'll Fight The GOP Money Machine Lined Up Against Him. “In a room where many of the delegates are union members, Strickland reminded them that it was 11 years ago today that Portman, as President George W. Bush's trade representative, declared himself the ‘quarterback’ of the Central American Free Trade Act (CAFTA). The union workers believe such trade agreements are doing nothing but sending American jobs overseas. ‘Rob Portman, you never met a trade agreement you didn't like,’ said Strickland.”

WTOL-TV Toledo: Strickland: The People Of Ohio Need Someone Who Will Fight for Them. “I’m on the side of working people, Rob Portman is on the side of special interests...The middle class is feeling really squeezed. The people of Ohio and the people of America need someone who will be a fighter for them. I’ve been a fighter for people all my life and I think Hillary Clinton will be a fighter for the people of this country, especially the working middle class.”

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WLWT-TV Cincinnati: Strickland: Hillary Genuinely Cares About Other People. Hillary “has fought for civil rights, she’s fought for the least among us. I think that’s what’s in her heart. I think she’s a person who genuinely cares about other people.”


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Morning Consult: Strickland Calls On Portman To Denounce Trump’s Call For Cyber-Espionage.  “A spokesman for former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland’s Senate campaign called on Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) to explain to his constituents why he endorsed Trump, who is slated to speak at a campaign event in Toledo, Ohio, later today. ‘Other Republicans like Gov. John Kasich have spoken out forcefully against Trump’s divisive, incendiary and reckless campaign, but today is another reminder that Portman has shown no such courage’  Strickland’s spokesman David Bergstein said in a statement. ‘Portman should immediately condemn Trump’s remarks — and he should tell Ohioans if he will appear alongside Trump today to explain and justify his endorsement.’” 

Toledo Blade: Strickland asks why Portman's not with Trump. “When Donald Trump steps out on stage at the Huntington Center tonight, fellow Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman will be about as far away as a person can be and still be in Ohio - Cincinnati. The Democratic Ted Strickland campaign for the U.S. Senate is wondering when Portman is going to live up to his commitment to "probably" campaign with Trump. Portman said last week at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland that he was ‘all-in’ with Trump and would probably campaign with him at some point.”


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