What They’re Saying: At Debate, Strickland Slams Portman as “Beholden to the Rich and Powerful”

Strickland also highlights Portman’s votes that have hurt Ohio’s women and families

COLUMBUS, OH -- On Monday in Columbus, Ted Strickland won a decisive victory over Senator Rob Portman, holding Portman accountable for his record of voting against Ohio women and calling him out for pushing the agenda of his wealthy contributors at the expense of Ohio’s working families.

And even worse for Senator Portman, he had no good explanation for his vote against raising the minimum wage while earning $333/hour, and his lie was called out by newspapers across the state, who said his desperate, flailing false attack against Ted was contradicted by public records.

Here’s what they’re saying: 

Cincinnati Enquirer: Strickland Slams “Portman As A Captive Of Special Interests.”

  • “Strickland portrayed Portman as a captive of special interests, beholden to the Koch brothers and other deep-pocked donors who have poured millions of dollars into the Ohio race.” 

  • “Strickland tried to portray Portman as a wishy-washy lawmaker, calling him ‘a man who says one thing in Ohio and goes to Washington and does something else.’”

  • “‘Sen. Portman has opposed everything,’ Strickland said, arguing that he would ‘stand up’ to the NRA.He will do whatever they ask of him,’ the Democrat said of Portman.” 

Cleveland.com: Strickland Says Portman “Only Fights On Behalf Of The Rich And Powerful.” 

  • Strickland ... hit Portman early and often on a range of issues, portraying him as a senator who only fights on behalf of the rich and powerful and is ahead only because outside groups have spent millions on his behalf.”

  • “One of Strickland's main campaign themes has been to portray Portman as a millionaire who only fights on behalf of the rich and powerful. On Monday, Strickland said he's calculated that with Portman's estimated income of $700,000 in 2015, he would made $333.57 per hour if he worked a 40-hour work week." 

  • “Strickland also tried to turn the tables on the economic attacks, saying the recession was caused in large part by President George W. Bush's administration and noting that Portman served as Bush's budget director and U.S. trade representative. ‘You had a lot more to do with job loss in Ohio and across America than I did,’ Strickland told Portman.”

Columbus Dispatch: Strickland Denounces “Portman as Beholden to the Rich and Powerful.” 

  • Strickland denounced Portman as beholden to the rich and powerful, saying he does their bidding,”

  • “Strickland said that as budget director and U.S. trade representative on the watch of former Republican President George W. Bush, Portman ‘had a lot more to do with job loss in Ohio and across America’ than he did. ‘You contributed,’ Strickland said, adding that Portman supported disastrous trade policies that hurt Ohioans and manufacturing.” 

  • “In pointing out that millionaire Portman has refused to support a significant jump in the minimum wage, Strickland said that the senator earns $333.57 an hour, based on his Senate salary and investment earnings, based on a 40-hour work week. That translates to nearly $700,000 a year.”

The New Political: Strickland Highlights How Portman Hurts Students.

  • “Strickland placed importance on higher education when discussing job creation in Ohio. He boasted about how he froze college tuition in his first two years and how in his four years Ohio had the lowest increase in tuition across the nation.”

  • “‘I’m proud of the record that I have in fostering education and making it high quality and affordable,’ Strickland said. ‘I’d like to contrast my record with Sen. Portman’s. When he was George Bush’s budget director, he proposed cutting millions and millions out of Pell Grants, the largest in that program’s history.’”


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