WATCH: VP Biden Slams Sen. Portman, Praises Ted

TOLEDO, OH -- Today Vice President Joe Biden slammed Senator Rob Portman for pushing the agenda of the rich and the powerful and praised Ted Strickland for his proven record of fighting for Ohio’s working families. At a stop in Toledo, Vice President Biden highlighted how Senator Portman called the auto rescue a “lousy deal” for Ohio, spoke about Senator Portman’s role in causing the national recession as President Bush’s Budget Director, and condemned Senator Portman’s voted against equal pay for women, college affordability, fair overtime pay and affordable childcare.

Key excerpts from Vice President Biden’s speech are below:

  • “I’ve campaigned for an awful lot of candidates over my career, but I’ve never campaigned for anyone with more character, more dignity and better represents the state –– he is my definition of Ohio, my friend Ted Strickland.”

  • Ted is Ohio values. He’s decent, he’s honorable and he understands that being a neighbor means sometimes you reach out and you help without being asked. That that’s part of what it means to be Buckeye, part of what it means to be an American. This is a guy who his whole life, coming up in rough circumstances, is always there for the other guy –– whether it’s a friend or it’s a constituent.”

  • “Governor, you got this state through a God-awful recession. And the irony of all ironies is the guy you’re running against was the architect of the economic policies of George Bush that got us into this recession.”

  • “Ladies and gentlemen, along with you and me, this is a guy who thought it was worth giving the most productive workers in America, the autoworkers, another chance […] What was the response of Ted’s opponent? He said this is a ‘bad deal,’ a ‘lousy deal’ to be precise. Folks, we’ve gone from selling 6 million cars to selling 17 million vehicles.”

  • “In the case of Ted, you ever ask yourself why the Koch brothers and the special interests spend $60 million in a Senate race against one guy? $48 million in negative ads? Because they know this guy doesn’t bend, they know he doesn’t bow, they know he doesn’t yield to special interests –– and that is what they dislike the most about him.”

Vice President Joe Biden in Toledo


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