VIDEO: Portman Said Trump Would Hurt His Re-Election

COLUMBUS, OH –– As Sen. Rob Portman prepares to hold his first face-to-face meeting with Donald Trump today in Washington, the Ted Strickland for Senate Campaign is releasing this video of Portman in 2015 agreeing that Trump will be a “burden” and “weigh negatively” on his race. Last week, Portman claimed that Trump would be “positive” for his campaign.

From Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect:

Heilemann: You wouldn’t dispute that Donald Trump at the top of the ticket would be a burden for you to carry. It would weigh negatively on your race as opposed to being an asset?

Portman: You’re probably right. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I don’t know how this is all going to shake out, nobody does. But when you look at the fact that we’ve got about 10 candidates out there who are viable candidates, I don’t think you can predict what is going to happen, whether any one person is going to prevail. We’ll see.


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From David Bergstein, Strickland campaign spokesman: “Just like the ultimate Washington insider that he is, Sen. Portman says one thing about Trump in D.C. and the opposite in Ohio –– but unlike Portman, the videotape doesn’t lie. We agree with Portman in 2015: Trump at the top of the ticket will shine a bright spotlight on Portman’s record of supporting unfair trade deals that have outsourced hundreds of thousands of jobs to places like China, his belief that Trump should reshape the Supreme Court for generations, and Portman’s central identity as an insider who pushes the agenda of the wealthy and well-connected at Ohio’s expense.”


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