Trump: “Rob Portman Has Really Been Good To Me And I Appreciate It”

COLUMBUS, OH -- Moments ago Donald Trump -- the most offensive, divisive and toxic presidential nominee in modern history -- gushed about Senator Rob Portman during an appearance in Ohio, stating he’s “really been good to me and I appreciate it.

For his part, Senator Portman was nowhere to be found near the Trump appearance.

From David Bergstein, Strickland Campaign Spokesman: “The gushing praise Senator Portman just received from the most toxic and divisive presidential candidate in modern history is powerful evidence of how far out of step Portman has become with the values of Ohio’s middle class families. Trump disagrees with Portman’s decades-long, unabashed record of supporting job-killing trade deals that have outsourced hundreds of thousands of jobs to places like China and Mexico, but on virtually every other issue Portman and Trump share the same agenda: Portman and Trump are looking out for themselves and their rich and powerful friends, while Ohio’s working people pay the price.”



With Trump at the top of the ticket, Portman is living an election nightmare:

  • On Trade: This morning, with Trump on his way to Ohio, theColumbus Dispatch reported that “Portman once spoke highly of the Central American Free Trade Agreement trade deal and talked about his role as the quarterback for the trade deal.”Roll Call recently wrote that Trump’s position on trade “has put Sen. Rob Portman in a bind,” and that Portman’s “years of supporting trade agreements puts him at odds with GOP voters.” The Washington Times highlighted the divisions between Portman and Trump on trade, writing that Portman has been a “forceful” free trade advocate. During Trump’s last visit to Ohio, OSU political scientist Paul Beck told, “If there’s anybody who stands for free trade, it’s Rob Portman.”

  • On the Supreme Court: Ohio Democrats blasted Portman for refusing to do his job and consider the Supreme Court nominee -- a position that could allow Trump to reshape the Supreme Court for generations. Polling shows that Portman’s refusal to consider the Supreme Court nominee in order to let Trump reshape the Supreme Court is wildly out of touch with voters.

  • On Trump’s anti-Semitism: The Toledo Blade reported on the Ted Strickland campaign calling on Portman to denounce Trump’s use of anti-Semitic imagery.

  • On Trump’s education scam: Roll Call reported the Ohio Federation of Teachers and College Democrats of Ohio calling on Portman to denounce Trump’s education scam, Trump University.

  • On Trump’s Mexican judge statement: The Washington Post reported that Portman was forced to respond to Trump’s comments that a federal judge cannot do his job because of his Mexican heritage.


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