Ted Strickland Statement on Trump and Election Results

Strickland calls on Senator Portman to join him in denouncing Trump’s attacks on America’s democracy

In response to Donald Trump’s comments at last night’s presidential debate refusing to commit to accepting the election results, Ted Strickland issued the following statement and urged Senator Portman to join him in denouncing Trump’s statement:

“Donald Trump keeps showing that he’s nothing but a thin-skinned blowhard and bully –– I would hope that Senator Portman would join me in denouncing this outrageous attack on our country’s democratic principles and our great tradition of the peaceful transfer of power. Unfortunately, this comment from Trump is completely consistent with the kinds of despicable statements Trump has been making for more than a year –– which is why Senator Portman’s decision to stand by Trump after he bragged about sexual assault, mocked individuals with disabilities, and after Trump questioned President Obama’s American citizenship is such a clear demonstration of Senator Portman’s political cowardice.”


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