Ted Strickland Statement on the Start of Jeep Fest and the Auto Rescue

Portman called the auto rescue a “lousy deal for Ohio”

As Jeep Fest kicks off today in Toledo, Ted Strickland released the following statement regarding Senator Portman’s opposition to the auto rescue, which saved thousands of Ohio jobs:

“When the great recession threatened to destroy America’s auto industry, Senator Portman called the auto rescue a ‘lousy deal,’ – and that’s one of the most telling and significant examples of how Portman has spent his career looking out for his rich and powerful friends at the expense of Ohio’s working families. Not only did Portman turn his back on the auto industry –– he also championed unfair trade deals that devastated our economy and cost Ohio over 300,000 jobs to places like China and Mexico. Letting the auto industry collapse was unacceptable to me, so we fought back and saved this industry that provides 850,000 good-paying jobs. 21 months after the recovery plan was passed, I had the privilege to ride off the assembly line on the very first Chevy Cruze at the Lordstown plant. Today’s festival is a reminder that the Ohio auto industry is still standing strong and providing good paying jobs to thousands of Ohio’s families –– and that saving it was no ‘lousy deal.’”


May 27, 2011: Portman Opposed The Auto Rescue: “Portman assailed it as a ‘lousy deal for Ohio’...” [Columbus Dispatch, 5/27/11]

Portman’s Spokesman: Auto Rescue Was “Not A Good Deal For Ohio.” “[Former Ohio Governor] Ted Strickland said he thinks Chrysler’s repayment of government-backed loans will help President Barack Obama in Ohio in 2012 when he seeks re-election. Strickland, the former Democratic governor of Ohio, said Obama will fare well here despite the president’s 49 percent approval rating in last week’s Quinnipiac Poll. Many Republicans voiced opposition to the loans, including current U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, whose spokesman said yesterday that Portman still thinks ‘the auto bailout was not a good deal for Ohio.’" [Columbus Dispatch, 5/25/11]


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