Ted Strickland Statement On Portman’s Votes Against Gun Safety Measures

Republican bill called “wallpapering over the problem with a fake solution”

COLUMBUS, OH -- In response to Senator Portman’s vote moments ago against commonsense gun safety measures including banning suspected terrorists from buying guns, today Ted Strickland issued the following statement:

“Senator Portman’s vote against banning suspected terrorists from buying guns is another tragic example of how he is pushing the agenda of his rich and powerful friends and the Washington power brokers he serves, while Ohioans pay the price. I believe there can be no reasonable disagreement about common sense gun safety measures like banning suspected terrorists from buying weapons, but Senator Portman disagrees -- and in the process Portman has shown once again how out-of-touch he has become with the people of Ohio. This wasn’t a moment for D.C. double-speak or for watered-down bills, it was a time for our leaders to stand up and do what is right -- but Senator Portman has displayed an astounding lack of courage, and he has failed this test of leadership.”  

Senator Portman has been engulfed by a “wave of bad press” because of his hypocritical and “confusing” response regarding gun safety measures following the Orlando attack, and for his refusal to support a ban on suspected terrorists from buying guns. Portman has also faced heavy criticism from the Ohio Democratic Party and Ohio LGBTQ leaders for his record of opposing a ban on allowing suspected terrorists from buying guns. Last week, Strickland released a Medium Post detailing his support for commonsense gun safety measures.

Earlier today, Roll Call reported that “high-dollar K Street donors, have ratcheted up pressure campaigns on lawmakers” like Portman to oppose the Feinstein amendment, and that the NRA has spent over half a million dollars in support of Portman’s campaign.


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