Ted Strickland Statement on Portman’s Vote Against Bipartisan Gun Safety Proposal from Sen. Collins

In response to Senator Rob Portman’s vote today against the bipartisan gun-safety proposal put forward by Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), Ted Strickland issued the following statement:

“Senator Portman’s vote against this bipartisan proposal to strengthen gun safety laws and make Americans safer is simply outrageous and places him far outside the mainstream of even his own Republican Party. Unfortunately it is not surprising: Senator Portman has now voted repeatedly against common sense proposals to stop terrorists from buying guns and for comprehensive background checks -- measures that enjoy broad support amongst Ohioans and are critical to our safety. His vote today is a flagrant demonstration of how Senator Portman is putting the interests of his rich and powerful friends and the special interests he serves over the people of Ohio. With this vote, Senator Portman has stripped himself of any pretense of reasonableness or moderation.”


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