Ted Strickland Statement on Portman, Trump & Judge Curiel

Strickland: “Portman has met this challenge with the same sort of weak and self-centered Washington politics that have defined his career.”

Today, Ted Strickland issued the following statement on Senator Portman and Trump’s comments regarding Judge Curiel:

“We are in a time when every American, and especially our elected leaders, must stand together to forcefully oppose attacks that threaten the very foundation of our country’s values. Unfortunately, Senator Portman has met this challenge with the same sort of weak and self-centered Washington politics that have defined his career. In a true display of D.C. double-talk, Portman dismisses Trump’s abhorrent remarks as merely a distraction’ but continues to endorse his campaign for President. Meanwhile, Portman is refusing to do his job by considering the current Supreme Court nominee, potentially paving the way for Trump to re-shape the Court for generations — a position that holds even more disturbing implications given Trump’s comments about Judge Curiel. Portman’s failure of courage represents exactly what Ohioans don’t like about Washington insiders who put their own political interests ahead of the principles that form the bedrock of our nation.”

Portman’s continued endorsement of Trump following his comments about Judge Curiel have engulfed his campaign in a firestorm of criticism:

  • Cincinnati Enquirer: Portman Faces “Brutal Hint” About Running With Trump. “How awkward will it be for congressional Republicans like Sen. Rob Portman to run for re-election with Donald Trump at the top of ticket? Saturday offered a brutal hint, as Portman, R-Ohio, faced questions from reporters about Trump’s attacks on the federal judge overseeing a lawsuit against Trump University […] It’s providing a tough line to walk, given that Trump is prone to incendiary comments and reporters are prone to asking other Republicans for their reaction.”

  • Ohio Public Radio: Trump Controversy Used In Attacks Against Portman From Ohio Democrats. “Pepper: ‘Every Republican who is falling in line behind him is embracing Trump’s ugly and divisive rhetoric and dangerous policies. That includes our own Senator Rob Portman who is twisting himself into a pretzel trying to simultaneously endorse and condemn Donald Trump.’”

  • Morning Consult: “Portman Can’t Have It Both Ways.” “David Pepper, chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, said every Republican who is supporting the Republican nominee cannot claim distance from him. ‘The voters of Ohio aren’t buying it,” he said Monday. ‘No matter what Republicans like Sen. Portman say, they can’t have it both ways. You can’t endorse Trump’s candidacy and try to condemn the bigotry and racism that’s been at the heart of his candidacy from the beginning.’”

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