Ted Strickland Statement on Portman Events with Gov. Kasich

As Senator Portman holds campaign events with Gov. John Kasich today, Ted Strickland issued the following statement highlighting the contrast between Portman and Kasich on Donald Trump.

“Today is a clear and compelling reminder that – by refusing to endorse Donald Trump – Governor Kasich has shown the kind of moral courage and independence that Senator Portman has not. Senator Portman’s twisted logic goes something like this: he is so ashamed of Donald Trump that he won’t stand on the same platform with him, but Portman continues to believe Trump should be the President of the United States and even trusts him with the awesome and destructive power of our nuclear weapons. If he were being honest, I think Governor Kasich would agree that by continuing to endorse Trump for president, Portman is putting his own cowardly political calculations and self-interest over what is best for our country and for Ohioans.” 

Strickland has consistently praised Kasich for refusing to endorse Trump for President -- in contrast to Senator Portman who said he was “all in” for Trump and even said yesterday that he trusts Trump with nuclear weapons. Strickland first called on Portman to retract his endorsement of Trump in June and the Strickland campaign has released this digital ad highlighting the contrast between Portman and Kasich on Trump:

"Portman Has Really Been Good To Me"


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