Ted Strickland Statement on Ohio Lawsuit Against Overtime Rule

In the wake of the State of Ohio joining a lawsuit against President Obama’s proposal to strengthen overtime laws, Ted Strickland issued the following statement:

“I believe in a simple idea: if you work overtime you should get paid overtime. That’s why I’ve called for expanding overtime pay protections, and I am a strong advocate of the administration’s plan to make sure workers receive the wages they have earned. It is deeply disappointing that Ohio Republicans are trying to block this proposal for the sake of their own politics –– just like how Senator Portman voted to strip overtime wages away from 6 million American workers in order to push the interests of his powerful friends. In the Senate, I will be proud to support strong and fair protections to ensure that every American worker receives the fair pay they have rightfully earned.”

Previously, Strickland released his Ohio Families First plan to bring economic fairness to the middle class including strong protections for overtime work, a tax cut for the middle class, raising the minimum wage and equal pay for equal work, and traveled across the state on a “You Work It, You Earn It Tour” highlighting his support for fair overtime pay.


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