Ted Strickland Statement on Gov. Kasich and Portman’s Continued Support for Trump

In response to Governor Kasich’s continued refusal to support Donald Trump and his team’s recent statement attacking national Republicans for supporting Trump, Ted Strickland issued the following statement on Senator Portman’s continued endorsement of Trump.

“Governor Kasich and his team are right: those like Senator Portman who are continuing to blindly and stubbornly support Donald Trump are putting their own political self-interest over what is right for our country and the values that Americans believe in. Governor Kasich’s continued refusal to support Trump and the strong words he and his team have issued are a stark reminder of Senator Portman’s own shameful political cowardice. The truth is if Portman can’t stand up to Trump, there’s no way Ohioans can trust him to stand up for us in the Senate.”

And don’t miss these other important statements from Governor Kasich over the weekend about Senator Portman’s support for job-killing trade deals that have cost Ohio over 300,000 jobs to places like China and Mexico.

Kasich On Portman: “He’s Always Been A Free Trader.” “So does Kasich disagree with Portman, a friend with whom has shared mutual political support? On this, yes. ‘He's always been a free trader,’ Kasich said when asked about Portman during a separate interview with reporters outside the West Wing. Portman, in fact, was this nation's trade ambassador under President George W. Bush.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/16/16]

Kasich Said That Given A Vote On The Trans-Pacific Partnership In The Lame Duck Session, He Didn’t Know How Portman Would Vote. “Kasich said he knows of Portman's past concern with currency manipulation by China, a concern Kasich said he shares. But otherwise, he said, he has never discussed specific criticisms of this deal with Portman. ‘If he actually had a vote on it in a lame-duck, I don't know how he would vote, and I've never really discussed it with him, but he's always been pretty much a free trader,’ Kasich said. He added that ‘a lot of people’ have particular objections to this agreement, ‘and those need to be addressed’ by Obama.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/16/16]


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