Ted Strickland Statement on 80th Anniversary of Social Security

PolitiFact: Portman is “unquestionably a privatization champion”

In honor of the 80th anniversary of Social Security, Ted Strickland released the following statement:

“When I talk about the importance of Social Security, I often think of my brothers who finished concrete for a living. It’s hard work, and when you’re doing that into your 60s your back is bent, your knees are shot and your fingers are gnarled. Senator Rob Portman’s attempts to raise the retirement age and hand Social Security over to Wall Street are a slap in the face to the people of Ohio – like my brothers -- who have worked hard all their lives and have earned the right to retire with security and dignity. We have made a sacred promise to our seniors: in the Senate I will fight to strengthen and expand Social Security, and I will oppose any effort to raise the retirement age or gamble with these earned benefits on the stock market. Senator Portman’s record when it comes to this issue is another clear example of how he is prioritizing the interests of his rich and powerful friends at the expense of Ohioans who actually work for a living – but I understand how important the Social Security program is for Ohio’s working people, and that’s who I’ll fight for in the Senate.”

During this campaign Strickland has released his Ohio Families First Plan to Ensure Retirement Security, highlighting his commitment to protecting Social Security and Medicare. Strickland has also earned the endorsement of the Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans.                                                                                                      


Portman supported raising the Social Security retirement age, meaning an “across-the-board cut in benefits.” [Columbus Dispatch, 8/18/14; Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 5/5/15]

PolitiFact: “Portman was unquestionably a [Social Security] privatization champion.” [PolitiFact, 7/28/10]

VIDEO: Portman said he “strongly” supports President George W. Bush’s Social Security privatization plan, calling it “such an exciting proposal.” [House Budget Committee, Hearing, 2/9/05]


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