Ted Strickland Raises Over $2 Million In Second Quarter Of 2016

Strickland campaign has roughly $4 million cash on hand

COLUMBUS, OH — Today the Strickland for Senate campaign announced that Ted raised over $2 million in the second quarter of 2016, and the campaign will report roughly $4 million cash on hand. The campaign’s fundraising includes roughly $1.9 million raised for the campaign and over $100,000 for the Ohio Democratic Party through the Strickland Ohio Victory Fund.

In a further sign of the campaign’s broad and strong grassroots support, the average online donation the campaign received this quarter was for $17 and roughly 90 percent of the contributions received during this quarter were under $50.

“The strong and consistent grassroots support our campaign has received is more proof that Ted’s message of fighting for working people is resonating across Ohio,” said Strickland for Senate Campaign Manager Rebecca Pearcey. “No amount of money from Senator Portman or his rich and powerful friends can change the facts about Portman’s record: he’s a dedicated outsourcer of Ohio jobs, the ultimate Washington insider, and he’s pushing the agenda of the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of Ohioans who actually work for living. Ohioans across the state are backing Ted because they know he’s a champion for working families — that’s where he’s from, that’s who he cares about that’s who he'll always put first in the Senate.”

The campaign will file its fundraising report electronically with the Federal Election Commission, continuing to highlight Strickland's call for increased transparency in campaign finance. In October of 2015, Strickland announced his support for the Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act, which would require electronic filing for Senate campaigns — increasing disclosure, saving money and stopping the archaic, wasteful practice of spending U.S. tax dollars on foreign workers in places like India to enter campaign finance data.

Over $30 million in advertising spent by Senator Portman and his allies have failed to dislodge Ted’s standing in recent polling. Larry Sabato of the UVA Center for Politics,The Cook Political Report and The Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report have all downgraded Portman’s re-election chances, calling the race a “tossup.”


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