Ted Strickland Proposes At Least 5 Debates With Sen. Portman

COLUMBUS, OH — Today Ted Strickland sent the following letter to Sen. Rob Portman formally proposing at least 5 debates during the Ohio U.S. Senate campaign:

April 11, 2016
Senator Robert Portman
P.O. Box 39
Terrace Park, Ohio 45174

Dear Senator Portman:

Congratulations on being nominated once again as the Republican candidate for the United States Senate. I look forward to a spirited and vigorous campaign; one in which we outline our positions on key issue affecting the people of Ohio.

Towards that end, I would like to propose a series of debates designed to highlight our priorities and the genuine policy differences that exist between us. 

Specifically, I suggest we hold at least five debates: including one to be held in the Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast and Central regions of Ohio.

Having at least five debates will give an opportunity for all Ohioans to learn about the significant differences we hold on issues like education, trade, the economy, health care, social justice, and our national defense. It will reduce (but unfortunately not eliminate) the undue influence of Super PAC money, and will help return our system of democratic elections to a better place.

I also propose we schedule this series of debates in a manner whereby they are held in August, September and October. This will allow a full and timely discussion of the important issues we face. 

I look forward to our respective staffs working through the details of this proposal in conjunction with members of the Ohio media. Collectively, we can demonstrate to the people of Ohio that we are committed to an open and fruitful discussion of the issues and in the process help inform the voters of the choice they face with this election.

Thank you for your consideration of this proposal, and I look forward to your response.


Ted Strickland


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