Ted Strickland Launches New Coalition: ‘Veterans for Ted’

Portman continuing to support Trump after attacks on Gold Star Khan family and disparaging comments about prisoners of war and Purple Heart recipients.

COLUMBUS, OH –– In the wake of Senator Portman’s continued support for Donald Trump following Trump’s attacks against the Gold Star Khan family and his disparaging comments about Purple Heart recipients and prisoners of war, today Ted Strickland is announcing a new coalition supporting his campaign: “Veterans for Ted.”

The coalition is made up over 100 veterans and military family members from across Ohio, and co-chaired by a group of prominent veteran leaders. The group will work to mobilize voters across the state and share Ted’s message of fighting for veterans and working families with Ohioans throughout the campaign.

“I am honored to have earned the support of so many Ohioans who have fought to defend our freedom, and Ohio’s veterans and military families deserve a Senator who will always stand up for them,” said Ted Strickland. “Donald Trump’s horrendous comments about ISIS, his attack against the Gold Star Khan family and his disparaging statements about Purple Heart recipients and prisoners of war are totally out of touch with the values that Ohioans of every political persuasion believe in –– which makes Senator Portman's continued endorsement of Trump all the more disgraceful. As Governor, I was proud to make Ohio the first state in the country to allow all veterans to attend college tuition-free, to cut taxes for veterans and military surviving spouses, and to create the first cabinet-level department focused specifically on serving our veterans –– and that is the same commitment I will bring to fighting for our military families, servicemembers and veterans in the U.S. Senate.”

“Ted Strickland always had our back and Ohio’s veterans are proud to stand with him and have his back too,” said Richards Watts, a Vietnam combat veteran who is a three-time recipient of the Purple Heart from Girard, Ohio. “We know Ted’s strong commitment to fighting for our military families, like how he led Ohio to become the first state to make college tuition-free for every veteran and how he cut taxes for veterans and military surviving spouses. It is despicable that Rob Portman continues to endorse Donald Trump –– the most anti-veteran and anti-military family candidate in recent memory –– even after he personally attacked a Gold Star family, disparaged purple heart recipients and called our military a ‘disaster.’ We trust Ted Strickland to represent and advocate for Ohio veterans in the U.S. Senate and we are proud to endorse him.”

Last week, Strickland and veteran Tim Hagan hosted a conference call to condemn Portman’s continued support for Trump following Trump’s attack on the Gold Star Khan family, and this week Strickland joined veterans in Toledo to continue calling on Portman to retract his endorsement of Trump.

As governor, Strickland made college tuition-free for veterans, cut taxes for military families, and created the first cabinet-level department focused specifically on veterans services. Senator Portman advocated for a company that sold dangerously defective helmets to the military, skipped 72 percent of his Homeland Security hearings, and has voted for billions in cuts in veterans benefits and programs. As President Bush’s Budget Director, Portman proposed cutting veterans’ health care and increasing veterans’ healthcare costs.  

The first members of the coalition announced today include:


Tim Hagan, Former Cuyahoga County Commissioner, Co-Chair

Sandra Williams, State Sen., Co-Chair

Veterans Leadership Council Members:

John Boccieri, State Representative

Steve Patterson, Mayor of Athens

Connie Pillich, Hamilton County

State Representative Teresa Fedor

Mike Friedman, Veteran from Wood County

Tom Galloway, Veteran from Wood County

Chris Mabe, President of OCSEA

Terrell Pruitt, Cleveland City Councilmember

Walt Workman, Executive Director of the Central Ohio Labor Council

George Tucker, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Greater Northwest Ohio Central Labor Council

Richard Watts, a Vietnam combat veteran from Girard who is a three-time recipient of the Purple Heart

Paul Worley, Adams County Commissioner

Herman Zerger, WWII Prisoner of War from Monroe County

Full list of coalition members:

Ric Abel

Ruth Adell

Brenda  Adrine

Joe Andrews

Ernestine Anderson

Allen Aungst

William Baker

Reemt Baumann

Benjamin Beazley

Leo Bender

Judy Bender

John Brennan

Cindy Brocone

Stephanie Bindeman

Robert Burgy

Mary Brown

Oscar Brown

Rosezetta Brooks

Robert Burger

Billie Burns

Ruth Campbell

Donna Carpenter

Charlie Carlier

Bruce Carter

Scott Clinger

Abraham Chasin

Norma Comer

James Cooper

Lisa Eliason

Lenny Eliason

Kathy Goedl

David Goedl

Donald Geis

Flora Gilpin

Charles Harris

Karl Hauck

Lillie Haugabook

Kathy Hecht

Brooke Hill

Brenda Hill

Gregory Hughes

Robert Humphries

John Hunter

Patrick Lehart

William Lochary

Donald Marshall

Loretta Metzger

Thomas Moon

Virginia Morgan

Denise Mosley

Carey Michael

Mary Page

Joseph Palascak

Gerald Raypole

Shane Satterfield

George Smithson

Charles Specter

Tim Stiggers

Joe Fraysier

Ruby Gilliam

Paul Gomia

Gary Heaton

Michael Jackson

John Knauff

Michael Madzia

Jerry Martin

John McElhaney

Steve Pearce

Don Richards

Zach Roberts

Ed Rutherford

Charles Sanders

Pete Shaffer

Freddie Snyder

Frank Threm

Greta Tyson

Carol Tyus

Roger Tackett

Bill Tipton

Max Upton

Thomas Vaughn

Jacqueline Walker

Ray Walker

John Wead

David Wesenberg

Walter West


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