Strickland’s Cleveland Debate Victory: Key Moments

CLEVELAND -- In tonight’s final U.S. Senate debate, Ted Strickland scored a clear victory over Rob Portman, calling out Portman for his refusal to consider Judge Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court, introducing a national stop-and-frisk bill, and continuing to support Donald Trump for so long.

Strickland’s victory tonight followed two strong performances in Columbus and in Youngstown. In all three debates, Strickland has successfully made the case against Portman: he’s the ultimate Washington insider who looks out for the wealthy and well connected at the expense of Ohio.

Strickland Opening Statement Calls Out Senator Portman’s Partisanship


Strickland Slams Portman for his Hyper-Partisan Refusal to Consider Supreme Court Nominee


Portman Introduced a National Stop-and-Frisk Bill

Strickland: Portman is the Only Lobbyist on this Stage


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