Strickland & Veteran Tim Hagan Condemn Portman’s Continued Support for Trump Following Attacks on Gold Star Family

Strickland: Unlike other Republicans, Portman has failed to show the courage to stand up to Trump
Hagan: Portman’s response to Donald Trump’s insults against Gold Star family was ‘pathetic’

COLUMBUS, OH -- Today, Ted Strickland joined veteran and and former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Tim Hagan on a press conference call to condemn Senator Rob Portman’s continued support for Donald Trump following Trump’s disturbing attacks on the Gold Star Khan family.

Hagan served as part of NATO forces in Europe during the Vietnam conflict.

“Donald Trump’s attacks on the Khan family fly right in the face of the values that we believe in here in Ohio and across the country – and Senator Portman’s continued support for Trump is a clear example of how Portman is putting his own political interests ahead of our country,” said Ted Strickland. “The Khan family and every family that sacrifices for our country deserves our eternal gratitude. And while many Ohio and national Republicans, including Governor Kasich, have shown the courage to stand up against Trump, Portman has chosen political cowardice. The question I have is: how low can Donald Trump go before Rob Portman takes a stand for Ohio and retracts his endorsement? The truth is if Senator Portman won’t stand up to Trump, there’s no way we can trust him to stand up for Ohio.”

“I -- like so many Americans of all political persuasions -- was disgusted by the insults that Donald Trump hurled at Khizr and Ghazala Khan. Their family, like all of our Gold Star families, deserves our respect. But Senator Portman’s response was pathetic,” said veteran and former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Tim Hagan. “What’s worse is the fact that Senator Portman still believes that Donald Trump should be the President of the United States. Let that sink in. It is Rob Portman’s position that Donald Trump -- the man who just ruthlessly insulted a Gold Star family in front of the entire country -- should lead the greatest country in the world. I would urge Senator Portman to look a Gold Star mother in the eye and tell her you still support Donald Trump.” 

Ted Strickland first called on Senator Portman to retract his endorsement of Trump in June. Strickland’s statement calling on Senator Portman to condemn Trump’s attacks on the Khan family is available here.


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