Strickland Statement On Senator Portman’s Continued Refusal To Consider A Supreme Court Nominee

In response to Senator Rob Portman’s continued refusal to do his job and consider a new Supreme Court nominee, today Ted Strickland issued the following statement:

“Senator Rob Portman is abandoning his constitutional duties, refusing to do his job and jeopardizing the institutions of America’s democracy. His motivation is simple: whenever Sen. Portman faces a big decision, he always sides with the Washington power brokers at the expense of Ohio. His explanation today is classic, insider, D.C. gibberish that makes absolutely no sense outside the beltway. Disgraceful. Senator Portman should do his job.”

The Strickland campaign recently lauched, featuring the voices of Ohio residents condemning Sen. Portman for his stubborn refusal to even consider a new Supreme Court Justice, and describing what would happen to them if they followed Sen. Portman’s example and refused to do their own jobs in Ohio.

Sen. Portman has also received significant criticism from editorial boards, leaders of the legal community and voters for his refusal to consider a new Supreme Court Justice:

  • The Columbus Dispatch wrote that Senator Portman is “taking heat” for his refusal to consider a new Supreme Court Justice.

  • Judge Mark Painter wrote in the Cincinnati Enquirer that Portman "believes that the Senate should shirk its constitutional duty” and is "guilty of putting both party and politics above the law of the land."

  • poll shows that the vast majority of Ohio voters disagree with Portman’s refusal to consider a new Supreme Court justice; that 70 percent of Ohio independent voters disagree with Portman’s position on this issue; and that Portman is “suffering from very weak approval numbers.”

  • Toledo Blade editorial stated, “Creating a crisis in one of the three branches of the federal government is too high a price to pay for partisan advantage…. Regrettably, Republican Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, who is seeking re-election this year in a state that Mr. Obama won twice, has adopted his party’s indefensible line.”

  • Youngstown Vindicator editorial stated that Portman is “demanding that Obama ignore the Constitution with regard to one of the most important duties of a president: the nomination of federal judges, including those for the U.S. Supreme Court.”

  • An Akron Beacon Journal editorial stated that Portman “fell, predictably, into the party line… Yet the majority does have an obvious responsibility to see that the courts function, and to show respect for the will of voters.”

  • Columbus Dispatch editorial stated, “This is an affront to the president’s constitutional authority to nominate a justice. And it is an abdication of the Senate’s duty to “advise and consent” in confirming a nominee; it should consider an individual’s merits.”

  • On WBNS-TV’s “Face the State,” the chair of the Ohio Republican Party contradicted Portman’s position the Supreme Court, stating that the Senate should consider a nominee.


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