Strickland, Ohio Veterans Call on Portman to Retract Endorsement of Trump

Portman continues to support Trump after attacks on veterans and military families

CINCINNATI –– Today, Ted Strickland joined Ohio veterans in Cincinnati to call on Senator Portman to retract his endorsement of Donald Trump following Trump’s attacks on the Gold Star Khan family, his offensive comments about Purple Heart recipients and his disparaging remarks regarding Prisoners of War.

Strickland was joined by Fmr. State Representative and veteran Connie Pillich, Cincinnati Vice Mayor and veteran David Mann, Cincinnati Councilman and veteran Wendell Young, union leader and veteran Mark Caddo and additional Ohio veterans. The event was held at the National Association of Letter Carriers Union Hall Local 43 in Cincinnati.

"After serving on a nuclear base in the United States Air Force, I appreciate the awesome and destructive power of our nation’s nuclear capabilities. Trump has proven he does not have the temperament or qualifications to lead this country or to have access to those codes,” said Fmr. State Representative and veteran Connie Pillich. “It’s incomprehensible that Rob Portman would continue to endorse Trump. Ohio’s active duty, veterans and military families need an ally in the Senate who will stand up for them."

“Donald Trump has attacked our military families, disparaged our veterans and insulted our servicemembers –– but unlike Republican Governor Kasich, Senator Portman is still continuing to support Trump,” said Ted Strickland. “In fact, Senator Portman even said he trusts Trump with the use of nuclear weapons – an incredulous statement that shows just how low Senator Portman will go for the sake of his own political ambitions. Senator Portman calculated, political cowardice is appalling –– and it’s an insult to the brave Ohioans who have put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms. The truth is if Portman won’t stand up to Trump, Ohioans cannot trust Portman to stand up for us in the Senate.”



Strickland recently joined veterans in Toledo and Youngstown to speak out against Portman’s continued support for Trump, and to condemn Portman’s statement thathe trusts Trump with nuclear weapons. Strickland has also launched Veterans for Ted, a coalition supporting his campaign made up over 100 veterans and military family members from across Ohio, and co-chaired by a group of prominent veteran leaders.

As governor, Strickland made Ohio the first state in the country to allow all veterans to attend college tuition-free, cut taxes for veterans and military surviving spouses, and created the first cabinet-level department focused specifically on serving veterans –– and that is the same commitment he will bring to fighting for our military families, servicemembers and veterans in the U.S. Senate.


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