Strickland Highlights Strong Support For Auto Rescue With UAW Workers in Toledo and Lima

Strickland visited with auto workers to contrast his record with Portman’s opposition to the auto rescue

COLUMBUS, OH -- Today, Ted Strickland joined Ken Lortz, Director of United Auto Workers Region 2-B, at events with auto workers in Toledo and Lima to highlight his support for the auto rescue that saved 160,000 Ohio jobs – in contrast to Senator Portman who called the auto-rescue a “lousy deal for Ohio.”

During the event, Strickland also discussed his Ohio Families First proposals to restore economic fairness for the middle class – including his support for cracking down on unfair trade deals like those supported by Senator Portman, raising the minimum wage, equal pay for women and fair overtime pay for workers.  The events were held at the UAW Local 12 in Toledo and the UAW Local 1219 in Lima. 

“We remember what Ted Strickland did for autoworkers across Ohio when he successfully advocated for the auto rescue, and that’s why the UAW will always support Ted,” said Ken Lortz. “When the American automobile industry was on the verge of collapse, Ted Strickland stood up and fought for the auto rescue while Rob Portman stood on the sidelines and called it a “lousy deal for Ohio.” Thanks to Ted’s bold leadership, automakers are stronger than ever and thousands of workers are back on the job. Rob Portman sides with the wealthy and well-connected, but Ted Strickland fights for Ohio’s working people.”

“When the global recession hit, I fought with all of my heart for the auto rescue because I knew it would help save thousands of Ohio jobs for our hardworking families -- while Senator Portman turned his back on our auto workers and working people across the state by calling it a ‘lousy deal,’” said Ted Strickland. “Today, because of the steps we took, Ohio’s auto industry is thriving – producing more auto parts than any other state, creating good paying jobs and helping to power our entire economy. Senator Portman had no problem using our tax dollars to bail out the big banks and his friends on Wall Street who wrecked our economy, but he wouldn’t even stand up for auto workers in his own state. And that’s why the auto rescue is such a powerful symbol of the differences between Senator Portman and myself: in the Senate, I’ll fight for working people because that’s where I come from and that’s who I care about, while Senator Portman is pushing the agenda of the rich and the powerful at our expense.” 




May 27, 2011: Portman Opposed The Auto Rescue: “Portman assailed it as a ‘lousy deal for Ohio’...” [Columbus Dispatch, 5/27/11]

See also: “‘Portman’s position was and remains still, that the auto bailout was not a good deal for Ohio,’ Portman’s office said.” [Examiner, 5/24/11]


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