Strickland Continues ‘Ohio is Not for Sale’ Tour with Stops in Akron, Lakewood and Lorain

LORAIN, OH -- Today, Ted Strickland continued his ‘Ohio is Not for Sale’ tour with stops in Akron, Lakewood and Lorain. At each stop, Strickland highlighted how he’ll fight for working people in the Senate -- in contrast to Senator Portman who has been propped up by millions of dollars in campaign spending from his rich and powerful friends in exchange for pushing their agenda at the expense of Ohioans who actually work for a living.

This week, Strickland also released a new Medium post, “Ohio is Not for Sale,” and a new television ad, ”$50 Million” -- highlighting Senator Portman’s record of looking out for his wealthy and well-connected campaign backers at the expense of Ohio’s working families. The Ohio Democratic Party has also released a research memo detailing Portman’s record of looking out for his special interest campaign contributors on issues like trade and retirement security. 

Strickland rallied with steelworkers at United Steelworkers (USW) Local 2 in Akron alongside USW International President Leo Gerard, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, and U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan.

In Lakewood, Strickland joined Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and Brown to greet canvassers and help launch the Ohio leg of the Americans for Responsible Solutions 2016 Vocal Majority Tour. Strickland and Giffords also convened a roundtable discussion on gun safety.

"We are facing a heartbreaking epidemic of gun violence in America with victims ranging from school children to moviegoers to shoppers at the mall. As a victim of gun violence, Congresswoman Giffords knows we need real solutions to make Ohio communities safer and I'm honored to be with her today to advocate for simple, common sense steps like putting in place comprehensive background checks and banning potential terrorists from buying guns," said Ted Strickland. "Unfortunately, Senator Portman has shown time and again that he is prioritizing the agenda of his rich and powerful friends at the expense of Ohioans’ safety and security –– voting against comprehensive background checks, and even opposing legislation to stop suspected terrorists from buying weapons. The difference between Senator Portman and myself on this issue and so many others is clear: I’ll stand up for the people of Ohio, our safety and the commonsense values we believe in –– but Senator Portman is only looking out for the interests of wealthy and well-connected campaign contributors.”

Ted concluded the day in Lorain with State Representative Dan Ramos at the Lorain County Historical Society BBQ.

A summary of previous tour stops is available here and here.


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