Strickland Continues ‘Ohio is Not for Sale’ Tour Across Ohio

DAYTON, OH -- Today,Ted Strickland continued his “Ohio is Not for Sale” tour across the state, making campaign stops in Columbus, Springfield, Troy, and Dayton. At each stop, Strickland laid out the stakes in this election and highlight how he’ll fight for working people in the Senate -- in contrast to Senator Portman who has been propped up by millions of dollars in campaign spending from his rich and powerful friends inexchange for pushing their agenda at the expense of Ohioans who actually work for a living.

This morning in Columbus, Strickland helped launch canvassing efforts with LGBT activists at the home of Steve Daley and Rob Conley. Stonewall Democrats of Central Ohio helped coordinate the event to get out the vote to help elected candidates who will support LGBT rights. Strickland was joined by Ryan Koch, candidate for Ohio House District 21, and Danny O’Connor, candidate for Franklin County Recorder.

Strickland attended the Fall Fest in Springfield’s Snyder Park along with Sheriff Gene Kelly where he greeted residents and local businesses.  

Next, Strickland stopped by the Tavern Downtown in Troy.

Strickland finished the day at an Ohio Together coordinated campaign office in Dayton where he visited with volunteers and organizers and thanked them for their work.

A summary of previous tour stops is available here, here, and here.


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