Strickland Campaign Statement on Trump, Russian Espionage and Portman

In response to Donald Trump’s statement today calling for Russia to engage in cyber-espionage against Hillary Clinton, Strickland Campaign Spokesman David Bergstein issued the following statement.

“Each day brings fresh evidence why Senator Portman’s full-throated support for Donald Trump is so dangerous for America’s security and so out of touch with Ohio’s values. Other Republicans like Gov. John Kasich have spoken out forcefully against Trump’s divisive, incendiary and reckless campaign, but today is another reminder that Portman has shown no such courage. Portman should immediately condemn Trump’s remarks -- and he should tell Ohioans if he will appear alongside Trump today to explain and justify his endorsement.”

Just days ago during the RNC Senator Portman said he was “all in” for Trump and that he would campaign with Trump in Ohio. Today Trump is holding a campaign event in Toledo, and it is not yet clear if Senator Portman will attend.

Portman also refused to condemn Trump’s recent statement that he would not defend NATO allies.


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