Strickland Campaign Statement on Ted’s Debate Victory

COLUMBUS, OH –– Following Ted Strickland’s victory in tonight’s U.S. Senate debate, Strickland for Senate Campaign Manager Rebecca Pearcey issued the following statement: 

“Ted won another decisive victory tonight -- Ohio voters saw once again that Senator Portman is only ever looking out for himself and his rich and powerful friends, while Ohio’s working families are paying the price. In particular, there was a bright spotlight on Senator Portman’s record of hurting Ohio’s women: trying to overturn Roe v. Wade, letting a woman’s boss deny access to her birth control, voting five times against equal pay for women, and even standing with Donald Trump even after he bragged about sexual assault. Ted proved yet again he’s the only candidate in the race who will stand up for Ohioans who actually work for a living – that’s where he comes from, that’s who he cares about and that’s who he’ll always put first in the Senate.” 

Strickland’s Opening Statement


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