Strickland Campaign Statement On Potential Trump-Portman Ticket

In response to reports that Donald Trump is seriously considering Senator Rob Portman to serve as his Vice President, Strickland for Senate campaign spokeswoman Liz Margolis today issued the following statement:

“It’s no surprise that Donald Trump wants Senator Portman to be his Vice President because on many issues Trump and Portman share the same toxic agenda: both oppose a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, higher wages for working people, and have a record of pushing the agenda of the wealthy and well-connected at Ohio’s expense. And by refusing to do his job and consider the Supreme Court nominee, Portman has also made it clear that he’s happy to let Trump reshape the Supreme court for generations. On the other hand, Portman’s status as the ultimate Washington insider and his unabashed, decades-long support for job-killing trade deals may disqualify him from this position in Trump’s view. Only time will tell.”


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