Strickland Campaign Statement on Portman's Vote Against Water Safety

As Ohio continues to reel from the aftermath of the Sebring Water crisis, today Senator Rob Portman voted against a bipartisan agreement that would enhance America’s water safety and help prevent future tragedies like the ones in Flint, Michigan and Sebring, Ohio. In response, Strickland campaign spokesman David Bergstein issued the following statement:

“Ohio is still reeling from the tragic aftermath of the Sebring water crisis, but in D.C. Senator Rob Portman is showing once again why he represents the worst of Washington— blocking a bipartisan deal that would help protect Ohioans from future toxic-water catastrophes. In Portman’s twisted world, the agenda of the Washington power brokers and wealthy special interests he serves is more important than making sure Ohioans have clean water when they turn on their faucet, take a shower or mix formula for their baby. After 25 years in Washington, Portman keeps proving how totally out of touch his dysfunctional politics are with the values of Ohio’s working families."
Please also see Ted Strickland’s recent Medium post in response to Sebring calling for increased water safety infrastructure: "In America, You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Take A Drink of Water.” Today, members of the Congressional Black Caucus also sent this letter to Senate Majority Leader McConnell urging him and other Senators like Rob Portman to take action to address the water crisis in Flint.

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