Strickland Campaign Statement On Portman’s Speech To The Akron Press Club

In response to Senator Portman’s speech to the Akron Press Club, Strickland for Senate campaign spokeswoman Liz Margolis issued the following statement:

“Rob Portman is the ultimate Washington insider, an outsourcer of Ohio jobs and the best senator China’s ever had. Today Senator Portman didn't explain his unabashed support for unfair trade deals that have outsourced hundreds of thousands of jobs to places like China, he bragged about drug abuse prevention efforts he voted against funding, and in the rubber capital of the world Portman failed to defend calling the auto-rescue a ‘lousy deal’ for Ohio. Most importantly, there is no speech that Senator Portman can give that excuses his total failure to do his job by refusing to even consider the Supreme Court nominee. Portman’s speech was an exercise in self-serving, D.C. double-talk — and represents exactly the kind of dysfunctional, dishonest politics that Ohioans hate about Washington insiders.”


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