Strickland Campaign Statement On Portman Trusting Trump With Nuclear Weapons

In response to a new report from the Toledo Blade revealing that Senator Rob Portman trusts Donald Trump with nuclear weapons (although he is refusing to appear with him in Ohio), Strickland Campaign Spokesman David Bergstein issued the following statement:

“This is a classic example of Senator Portman's’ twisted, self-serving logic and cowardly political calculations: Portman is refusing to even appear on the same stage as Donald Trump, but he trusts him with the awesome and destructive force of nuclear weapons. No serious person can honestly believe that Trump has displayed the temperament or judgement to wield this responsibility, which is why other Republicans like Governor Kasich have done what Portman has not and refused to support Trump’s campaign.  The truth is if Portman cannot stand up to Trump, there is no way we can trust him to stand up for Ohio in the Senate.”

Earlier today, in response to a report that multiple other Senate Republicans do not trust Trump with weapons, Ted Strickland issued a statement available here.


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