Strickland Campaign Statement on Portman Skipping Sandusky Register Forum

In response to Senator Portman’s refusal to attend the Sandusky Register’s election forum today, Avery Jaffe of the Strickland for Senate campaign issued the following statement:

“It is unfortunate that Senator Portman decided to hide from Northern Ohio voters and from the press today, but not surprising –– Senator Portman has no good answer for his decades-long record of pushing the agenda of his rich and powerful friends at the expense of Ohio’s working people. At today’s event, Ted laid out the central contrast in this race: while Senator Portman has spent his time in Washington championing job-killing trade deals, trying to raise the retirement age for seniors and making college more expensive for students, Ted will fight for working families in Sandusky and across Ohio because that’s where he comes from, that’s who he cares about and that’s who he’ll always put first.


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