Strickland Campaign Statement on Portman Endorsement of Kasich

In response to Senator Rob Portman’s endorsement of John Kasich, Strickland For Senate Campaign Spokesman David Bergstein issued the following statement:

“Rob Portman has been called ‘the ultimate insider’ because he always puts the interests of the D.C. establishment over Ohio’s working people — his backing may help with his lobbyist friends and the special interests he serves on Wall Street, but not in Ohio. Here voters know that Portman represents the worst of Washington: opposing fair wages and overtime pay for workers, undermining retirement security for seniors by jeopardizing Social Security and Medicare, making it harder for students to get an affordable college education and supporting unfair trade deals that send thousands of Ohio jobs to places like China. Portman always puts the interests of Washington insiders like him first, and Ohio’s middle class families are paying the price.”
Portman has also pledged to support Donald Trump if he is the Republican presidential nominee.

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