Strickland Campaign Statement on Poll Finding Ohioans Want Portman to Consider Supreme Court Nominee

On the heels of a new Quinnipiac University pollshowing a clear majority of Ohioans disagree with Senator Portman's refusal to consider the Supreme Court nominee, Strickland for Senate spokeswoman Liz Margolis issued the following statement:

“This poll confirms that Senator Portman’s continued refusal to uphold his constitutional duty and even consider a new Supreme Court Justice puts him wildly out of step with Ohioans. Portman wants to let Donald Trump reshape the makeup of the Supreme Court, but Ohioans disagree and are demanding Senator Portman do his job. This is just another example of how Senator Portman always puts the agenda of the Washington power brokers that he serves over the people of Ohio.”

The Strickland campaign launched in March, featuring the voices of Ohioans condemning Senator Portman for his stubborn refusal to even consider a new Supreme Court Justice, and describing what would happen to them if they followed Senator Portman’s example and refused to do their own jobs in Ohio.


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