Strickland Campaign Statement On Kasich’s Refusal To Endorse Donald Trump

In response to breaking news that John Kasich will not endorse Donald Trump and still has “deep uneasiness” about Trump’s nomination, Strickland for Senate spokesman David Bergstein issued the following statement on Portman’s endorsement of Trump:

"Governor John Kasich’s refusal to endorse Donald Trump underscores how shockingly out-of-touch Senator Portman’s self-interested, Washington politics are with the values of Ohioans of every political persuasion. Just like the ultimate Washington insider that he is, Portman fell in line with the D.C. power brokers and embraced the most toxic and divisive presidential nominee in modern history, but Portman is now at odds with the leader of his own political party in his own home state. We can’t wait for the convention in Cleveland where these divisions between Sen. Portman and Ohio Republicans like Gov. Kasich will be front and center.”


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